A Few Mythic Archetypal Opinions on Abortion

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of disagreement about abortion lately.

And by “lately,” I mean since before 1973.

Each side is very passionate about this argument, and with good reasons.

So I consulted some archetypes to see what they think about the matter. I think their input has significance because our own opinions and arguments can tell us which archetypal patterns we’re favoring as individuals, and which we’re favoring as a society.

We’ll hear from Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hermes, Hephaestus, Persephone, and Zeus.


Aphrodite: A woman’s sexual health is dependent on her reproductive rights.

The same thing is true of a man. Men’s sexual health is dependent on reproductive rights—women’s as well as their own.

We can’t call a person sexually healthy—and, therefore, healthy as a whole individual—if they have no power over their reproductive health.

Sexual expression is a naturally healthy and creative state, and sex is a naturally healthy and creative act. This is true whether or not the act results in a child.

But. (Listen closely, my loves.)

Sex and creation is always about choice. Where there is no choice, there is no freedom. Where there is no freedom, there is no health.

My loves, anything you are forced to do with your body is an act of violation. Just as forced sex is a violation of the act of love and creation, so is forced birth. It will restrict your self expression and your health.

All life naturally reproduces itself.

Your ability to consciously, with awareness, choose when you will reproduce yourself and what you will create sets you apart from the plants and animals.

Whatever you choose, act with love.


Apollo: Abortion? Can you give me a list of the costs and benefits of that? It would certainly depend on a case-by-case basis. I’m also going to need an analysis of the costs and benefits of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and fatherhood, and the cost of raising a child on society. I would also like an analyzation of these things over the past few hundred years of history. I cannot possibly come to a decision on this matter without this information.

I still want all the information on each individual case, too. Don’t ask me to make an uninformed decision based on opinion or emotion.


Ares: I agree with Aphrodite.


Artemis: F— you for even asking me this question. Nobody has the right to tell me what to do with my body. I belong to myself! I do not belong to any man, any society, or any child. Telling me what to do with my body is the height of arrogance and selfishness.

Anytime I am forced to do something with my body, or my body is used in a way I do not agree with, a violation is taking place. That’s called coercion. F— anyone who tries to coerce your body into doing anything you don’t want to do with it, or use it against your will.

You tell me the child in my body is being violated if I do not choose to carry it and bear it? I say that cluster of cells is not a child. I also say that so-called “child” has no more right to my body than I choose to give it.

You call me a murderess? I call you a violator.

No one and nothing has any rights to my body that I do not choose to give.

I am the goddess of animals and the hunt. I love animals. I protect them. And sometimes I kill them and eat them.

I am also the patroness of women, mothers, and children. I love children, and I love mothers. I protect them. Do you know what I protect them from? People who try to own them and tell them what to do. One time, a man looked at me the wrong way and I turned him into a stag, shot him with an arrow, and let his dogs devour him. There is no state in between the states of freedom and slavery. And slavery is a worse fate than death.

I love mothers. But do not dare to think you can tell me to become one. My body is a sacred thing, and so is my heart and my will.


Athena: This is not just about you.

A woman is obligated to fulfill her duty, live with the consequences of her actions, and carry and bear the child she has conceived—regardless of how that child was conceived. Consequences are consequences. Trying to avoid them is the height of arrogance and selfishness. And by the way, calling a child a “consequence” is incredibly callous. It’s a child—not a consequence; not a choice.


Demeter: Why would a woman ever want to destroy her child? Children are life! They are the very expression of life and our ability to create it! Children are gifts. A world without children is a world in perpetual winter. To deny your own child is to deny life itself. To kill your child is to kill yourself.

Motherhood comes naturally to women. Any woman who would kill her child is not natural.

Yes, women often died in childbirth before modern medicine. Yes, women are often forced into sex and pregnancy. Yes, some women make mistakes and become pregnant before they think they are ready. But they only THINK they aren’t ready. They are, in fact, ready. They are women. This makes them ready. Motherhood is the greatest gift a woman can experience, and the greatest gift she can offer the world.

Having a child, giving her body for her child, is a mother’s greatest gift. And the child is a gift to you, in return. You cannot imagine the love a child will fill your life with, if you will only give it life.


Dionysus: Hey. I know I’m a little hung over right now, but just hear me out. We all make bad choices, right? And even if we try to make good choices, accidents happen. I mean, we make the best choices we can, and the world turns the way it turns, and then we make the best choices we can in response to that.

We’ve all had mornings after, right? I know I’ve had more than my share.

I’m not a woman . . . even though sometimes I wear a bit of eyeliner . . . but I really like to be there for my ladies. So, yeah. I want them to have options . . . and I’d also really like not to have a hundred kids, which I feel would happen in maybe a hundred days if my ladies didn’t have access to abortion and contraceptive options.


Hades: You’re seriously asking me about abortion?

I don’t have time for this. Go talk to my wife.


Hermes: Good God almighty, are you all still having this conversation? I swear, you are all so deeply, stubbornly dysfunctional about anything you attach morality to—life, death, sexuality, gender, religion, war . . . you don’t seem to get that all things are one thing. Even though your so-called religions and spiritual traditions have been telling you this for like forever. Okay, okay, I’m gonna tell you again: All things are one thing. All people are one body. All places are one place.

That is why I can take you anywhere and show you anything.

Life and death are two sides of the same coin, as are male and female. You cannot upset this balance, even if you try. You cannot choose one side of this balance, no matter how hard you try. You want to align with one side and deny the other? That’s messed up. It’s a denial of the way life works. Good luck with that.

My point being—it doesn’t matter.


Hephaestus: I agree with Aphrodite . . .

What? Ares also agrees with Aphrodite?

I change my vote. I would actually really prefer it if Aphrodite would talk to me about it before having an abortion. That child is mine as much as hers. I feel betrayed by her a lot . . . but she’s so amazing . . .


Persephone: I used to be against abortion. Killing babies is just fundamentally wrong. But then I grew up a little and changed my mind. It’s not that I’m into killing babies now. It’s that that mode of thinking feels childish to me. But I guess it was fitting, since I was a child when I thought that.

I’m a queen now. It isn’t that a queen doesn’t have responsibilities. It’s just that nobody else gets to tell her what those responsibilities are. Nobody gets to tell a queen how to run her kingdom. A queen should always have the final say in what she brings into her kingdom.

When I was a child, I could be forced to do things I didn’t really want to. I was convinced that my pain was the consequence for my actions. I was convinced that I deserved what I got, and that when I was pregnant, it was my responsibility to be pregnant and bear that child. Even my husband used to believe this. My mother still believes it.

Then I grew up and became a queen. I realized it wasn’t my responsibility to create anything I didn’t want to. It wasn’t my responsibility to be the bearer of any other life.


With my rise to power, the world itself comes alive.

I used to be a girl child. When I was a pawn of my mother and my husband, I could give life to nothing. Then I died and transformed into a mighty queen. I am two different versions of myself. But tell me this—was I not always myself? Did my death kill me?

When you ask me, “When does a cluster of cells become a child?” I think of my own transformation. I will show you the caterpillar, and how it liquefies in its chrysalis, destroying itself to become a butterfly. At what point does it become the butterfly? Or was the caterpillar always a butterfly?

You want hard and clear definitions and lines to make your relationship with life and death easier.

There are no lines like this. And I will take it even further: There is no right or wrong about life and death. There is only your decision. All things change and I do not fear it anymore.

I guess you could say I have a healthier relationship with life and death now.


Poseidon: I agree with Zeus.


Zeus: Women, hear me: I will have sex with you whether you will it or not. You will bear my children whether you will it or not.

If you try to evade my desire, you selfish impious females, I will make it worse for you when I find you. If you try to evade birthing my creations, I will enslave you. You will bear them not only with your wombs. You will bear them with your heads, with the cavities in your chests that hold your hearts, with your mouths.

Your own words and thoughts and feelings will give way to what I wish you to say and think and feel.

Fight me with all the feeble anger you can muster. You will lose.

And you will regret it.


L. Marrick is an author, ghostwriter and suitcase entrepreneur, which is a hipster way of saying she travels and works from her laptop. She writes about archetypes, spirituality, and history at Mythraeum.com. Follow her on Twitter @LMarrick, and on Facebook.

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