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#JellyWeek is a Spontaneous Global Movement of StartUps and Entrepreneurs all over the Planet Focusing on helping each other through sharing of ideas and work spaces

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Where: PunchRock DC

1800 Wyoming Ave NW Washington, DC 20009

When: Jan 14-20th  2013

PunchRockDC is #JellyWeek Central for anyone involved in Starting their Own Business, Wanting to Get involved in the Co Work Space Movement or Interested in Becoming an Entrepreneur.  Do you work from home now? Need someone to collaborate on a project?  Need someplace to meet your clients?  #JellyWeek2013 is about you!


For More Information on Local Events, Contact PunchRockDC at: 202-588-0218

PunchRock DC


 For More Information on this Global Movement, Click Here

About PunchRockDC


Our mission is to grow sustainable social enterprises by fostering a goal-oriented and collaborative community of entrepreneurs. PunchRock is nurturing this community by providing a platform for teamwork, positive working, learning, and playing environment, and integrating lifestyle design into business.


PunchRock is a collaborative community of social innovators in Adams Morgan, DC. In our work-friendly/play-friendly office, you can work on social impact projects, your social venture, or hang out and collaborate.


We’ve opened our doors at 1800 Wyoming Ave NW in Adams Morgan to aspiring and established entrepreneurs and changemakers in DC. Our goal is to fill the office, which is open 8am-2am seven days a week, with like-minded community members who want to work (and play) together to be successful in building a social enterprise and/or social impact project. We believe that by combining all of our resources, experiences, expertise, and networks together that we can design our lifestyles and businesses to thrive in today’s world.



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