Bad Buka & Litz Rockin’ Out Friday July 25

 Bad Buka is the kind of band that defies explanation – they bring their lively Balkan roots to NYC with the richness of world music, punk rock attitude, and even the spunk of ska. Their energy is so PURE that listeners are immediately converted. Theirs is the kind of music that any person of any musical background or taste can absorb, dance to, lose themselves in, and commune with. At a Bad Buka show, you truly become part of a shared experience – a transfer of energy from band to crowd and back again, over and over and over. This band is simply one of a kind. Litz Band hail from Gaithersburg, MD, and put on a high energy, spirited show with a heavy lean on the funkier side of town. I might even go as far to say that you’ll hear underpinnings of go-go music. Not a far stretch of a claim considering the group is composed of identical twins-The Litz brothers-whose family has owned and operated Victor Litz Music in Gaithersburg, MD for decades, exposing the siblings to all the regional music influences near Washington, DC.

Friday July 25
Litz (Gaithersburg, MD YES Gaithersurg!)
Doors 8PM
Showtime 9PM $10

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