Bardo Brewpub releases wave of new beers


Bardo is bringing seven fresh, new brews on line Friday, June 5th. The award winning White Lightnin’ barleywine, Graceland imperial stout, IPA, Ginger lager, Marion Berry (blackberry pale ale), Pale ale and a dry hopped version of the Pale ale will all be available.

“The imperial stout and the barleywine were brewed during the winter and have been aging since last December” stated Bardo head honcho, Bill Stewart. “We used the second running of both brews to make two small beers, a gruit and a sour mash beer.”

‘We change the hop in our single hop IPA each time we make it. The original version used Centennial, the last version used Zues, and this version uses Summit hops.” commented Bardo’s Andrew Stewart.

Bardo Brewpub is the largest beer garden in the city. A newly renovated interior boasts one hundred year old pine floors, brick walls and early century, tin, press plate ceilings. A wide variety of GABF award winning house brews are available in pints and pitchers as well as growlers. Bardo is 100% dog friendly every day with 15,000 square feet in our beer garden to roam off leash. Located at 1200 Bladensburg rd NE, Bardo has cornhole, outdoor movie screenings/sports and is available for private parties/fundraisers, large and small.

Bardo Rodeo operated in the 90’s as the largest brewpub in the country. The 22000 sq. ft. former car dealership included 900 indoor & 700 outdoor seats as well as a 25-barrel brewhouse. As one of the first bars in the Clarendon neighborhood in Arlington VA, Bardo brewed 4000 kegs a year and enjoyed thousands of visitors each weekend.

The decision to put the brewery in storage for more than a decade proved a fortuitous one. Bardo head man, Bill Stewart, had been living overseas for years when his brother, Andrew, convinced him to come back stateside a start making beer again. “I didn’t know craft brewing had become cool again. We rode the last wave, we decided to jump on this wave.” Bill stated.

Stewart is excited about the advancements in the brewing industry since he last ignited the boiler over ten years ago. While anxious to brew with the new strains of hops available, he is equally interested in incorporating wood aging into Bardo cellaring techniques. Bardo has amassed a generous stockpile of cherry, apple and oak wood they plan to use over the next few years. Yeah, there’s THAT much of it. Plans also call for smoking their own malts and reviving past techniques like brewing with pine and sour mashing.

Bardo is fortunate enough to have procured numerous mid-century cellaring casks from some of Europe’s oldest breweries (the McEwens and Fullers insignias still visible on some of the vessels). The tanks themselves may be worth more as antiques but Bardo is using them for their intended purpose. Bardo purchased the 7 bbl stainless tanks over a four year span in the early 90’s. “The importer would call every year or two to tell us he had found another container-full” according to Bill Stewart. “I can’t remember if we took 3 or 4 shipments, but we had around 80 tanks at one point”.

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