Accountable or Hostage, Vicki Hinze


   ARE WE HOLDING COMPANIES ACCOUNTABLE OR HOSTAGE? By Vicki Hinze We’ve all seen it. Perhaps participated in it.  We object to the actions of a TV show, the lyrics of a song, the subject of a book, a political position taken by company—or [...]

Community Radio Alive & Thriving in DC!

Ever wonder what happened to community radio in the Washington DC Area? Well, wonder no more! With the yearling Independent Radio Station WERA 96.7 now in full swing, it’s time you discover the sounds of DC with  WERA.fm Live Streamed or [...]
Vicki Hinze, Great Debates and Moral Dilemmas,

Great Debates and Moral Dilemmas

GREAT DEBATES AND MORAL DILEMMAS   By   Vicki Hinze They’re everywhere and on everything—great debates and moral dilemmas.  I expected to run into a few when I tackled human trafficking in DEADLY TIES, and I did.  But I also ran into [...]
integrity, vicki hinze

INTEGRITY: It’s Like Being a Little Bit Pregnant

INTEGRITY:  It’s Like Being a Little Bit Pregnant By Vicki Hinze   On encountering an injustice, a friend once told me, “Having integrity is like being a little bit pregnant.  You either have it or you don’t.” There is no such [...]
911, 9/11, September 11

We Will Never Forget

15th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 When our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001, we pledged to never forget. On this, the fifteenth anniversary of that attack, we again honor the fallen, the injured, the heroes, those left behind. [...]
The Weary Season, vicki Hinze

The Weary Season

The Weary Season   By   Vicki Hinze     We have the seasons—Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring—but we have other kinds of seasons, too.  Ones that are joyful and ones that sorrowful. Ones that try our souls (and sanity) and ones that [...]


A Unique Wedding Experience for Area Brides and DC’s Top Planners       WASHINGTON, DC – Sunday, April 3rd – In partnership with DC Modern Luxury, Malmaison is hosting an extravagant and unique wedding experience for area [...]
How-To Batch Task, Vicki Hinze

How-To Batch Task

How-To Batch Task  By Vicki Hinze    We all have routine, repetitive tasks. They include everything from paying bills to preparing blog posts to finding posts by others we consider helpful, useful to our readers.  We’re clear on the value [...]

National Portrait Gallery 2016 Exhibition Calendar

Upcoming Special Exhibitions   Jan. 16                                               IDENTIFY: Performance Art as Portraiture – James Luna Feb. 4                                                 [...]

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Mobile Phone Tip

On your mobile phone, create an ICE contact. Here’s How To Do It:  Create a new contact. Type ICE in all capital letters, then follow with the name of the person you want contacted in case of emergency. Add the phone number [...]