5k Run supporting Newborns and Families in SouthWest DC

For more info, pls. visit Unity Health Care

The Pool Walker’s Creed

By Piper Bayard Long ago, my writing partner Holmes and I discussed the fact that we’re no good to each other dead. As we age, we have to work a little harder at that not getting dead thing than we used to. So we agreed that our bare minimum [...]

Want to get fit AND support a good cause?

RevolveDC is hosting the first ever Ovarian Cycle Ready.Set.Ride! in DC on Saturday, October 26 from 2:30PM-4:30PM. The ride is a 2-hour indoor cycling endurance event to raise money for ovarian cancer research with a break in between to hear [...]

Facing Autism with Children Everywhere

Facing Autism with Children Everywhere (F.A.C.E.), inspired by my son who has autism, is committed to positively changing the lives of those affected and by putting a “FACE” to autism by providing a glimpse into the lives of people facing [...]

BicycleSPACE presents “Big Stinky” fun bicycle race

Wouldn’t it be great to have a complete 27 mile “bicycle beltway” around DC?  On March 16, compete in a fun bicycle race or be a cheering spectator as contestants pedal up “Big Stinky,” the steep unpleasant detour [...]

“Better” Has No Finish Line

This Week’s Inspiration: “Better” Has No Finish Line by Jenny Hansen   This “getting back in shape” stuff is killing me. Last week, I shared with you some important lessons Crossfit is teaching me about [...]

17th Annual MSP Polar Bear Plunge

Use Twitter to Get 1,000 Local Connections Per Week

Important Lessons Crossfit Is Teaching Me About Writing

What Crossfit Is Teaching Me About Writing by Jenny Hansen   Hubby and I have been trying to get into better shape since last September and after four months, I’ve got to confess it: I still don’t like exercise. Our fitness [...]

Fear of the Week: Hot Yoga Might Kill Me

The Source of My Deep Fear of Bikram Yoga by Jenny Hansen One of my BFF’s is hot on my flabby tail to try Bikram Yoga. A few months weeks ago, she sent me a link from Mind Body Green with a link to this Seattle Craig’s List ad. (I recommend [...]

Crossing the Line at Crossfit

Crossing The Line At Crossfit (aka The Moaning Workout) by Jenny Hansen   Hubby and I have been doing Crossfit for about 6 weeks now. Actually, I took a three-week hiatus for shingles, but he’s been going the entire six weeks, 3x a [...]