Why Settle for Your Customer’s Wallet When You Could Get in Her PANTS? PADVERTISE!

BY KRISTEN LAMB Any of you who regularly follow my author blog know that I am totally out of my mind a bit eccentric. Recently, I was speaking at the Tucson Festival of Books and I had to dash to the Ladies’ Room. As I closed the door [...]

Eight Ways to Make Everyone on Twitter Want to Stab Us in the Face

BY KRISTEN LAMB Social media is a force amplifier. Back in “The Old Days”, we were limited to pissing off only a handful of people at a time. Now, with Twitter? We have the benefit of making people all over the world want to stab [...]

When Your Christmas Tree Wants a Bass Boat

BY KRISTEN LAMB Christmas is now a distant memory for most “normal” people. Me? I just took down the wreath and stockings this week. For years I refused to have a Christmas tree, namely because I lived in small crappy apartments [...]
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You Know You’re A Writer When….

BY KRISTEN LAMB Last week, we talked about why being a writer is the greatest job in the world. But how can you tell if you’re a “real” writer? Great question and my parole officer approved this blog. You Know You’re [...]

Top Ten Reasons Writing is the BEST Job in the WORLD

BY KRISTEN LAMB Ah, 2014. The New Year is upon us and it seems everyone has a story they want to tell. Often, I hear them when people find out I’m a writer. It’s estimated that 75% of Americans say they would one day like to write [...]
Image via Nana B. Agyei via Flickr Creative Commons

2014 and Planning for Success in the New Year

BY KRISTEN LAMB We are standing on the precipice of a Brand New Year, which is almost as good as getting new school supplies. The smell of virgin paper not yet touched by a ballpoint. A new start. No mistakes. Nothing but potential. Okay, so [...]

Jerry Springer Show or Martha Stewart? What’s Your Holiday Style?

Christmas is here. Yesterday, I finally decorated the tree and my family is probably going to get office supplies and duct tape for gifts…providing I can find the office supplies and duct tape. If you’re anything like me, you make this [...]

Patriot Act Contains a “Santa Clause”—WARNING! Santa Recruited to Head the NSA

  BY KRISTEN LAMB It’s that time of the year! The wrapping, the carols, the cider and singing and spying…SPYING? Did anyone read The Patriot Act before signing it? Did they notice the fine print? The “Santa Clause”? After [...]

What Are the Holidays About? Are We Truly Grateful?

BY KRISTEN LAMB I wrote a blog ages ago on my author blog about focusing on success, that we tend to drift where the eyes focus. Race car drivers learn that if you want to cross the finish line, never ever take your eyes off the goal line. [...]

How to Stay SAFE When On-Line Dating (Or ANY Dating)

By. Kristen Lamb The holidays are coming and no one wants to be alone. I get it. The best Christmas gift I EVER received was my to-be-husband on Match.com. We met December 8th, 2010 and have been inseparable since. We married April of 2011 [...]