So you think you want a chance, vicki hinze

So You Think You Want a Chance

  So You Think You Want a Chance By Vicki Hinze   So you think you want a chance.  You have a dream. A goal. A passion.  Okay, then. That’s great. But what are you going to do about it? It’s human nature to want what we want. [...]
Coping with Rejection, Vicki Hinze

Coping With Rejection

  Coping With Rejection By Vicki Hinze   First, let’s set the record straight. We don’t want to just cope with rejection. We want to cope with it constructively. Allowing rejection to shove us into a mental pit of despair isn’t [...]
4 Tactics of a dream thief, vicki hinze

4 Tactics of a Dream Thief

    4 Tactics of a Dream Thief By Vicki Hinze     Our dreams give us things to look forward to in life.  Big or small, working toward them, provides us with the will to get out of bed in the morning, to have a great [...]
Vicki Hinze, Things you wish you'd said, things I wish I'd said

Things You Wish You’d Said

  THINGS YOU WISH YOU’D SAID By Vicki Hinze     Ever had an experience then later think, I wish I’d said…? Maybe you were talking to your spouse about something that mattered more than you first thought.  Or about something [...]
Vicki Hinze, peace in hard times, inner peace, social-in network

Peace in Tumultuous Times

Peace in Tumultuous Times by Vicki Hinze   We are living in tumultuous times. If you’ve been awake, you’re well aware of this and don’t need a primer to be advised. We’re all seeing a lot of things more clearly, and we’re running [...]

A Little Less Emotion and A Little More Logic

A Little Less Emotion and A Little More Logic By Vicki Hinze   A content life requires balance. A content life requires both logic and emotion. When imbalance occurs, we end up miserable, fearful, and frustrated. No one wants to live life [...]

Getting Past the Preamble

By Bob Farkas Soon, a number of people are going to place their hands on the Holy Bible, and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Just as they’ve done for over 200 years. I’ve been meditating on the Constitution, [...]
politically (in)correct, vicki hinze

It Is What It Is: Politically (In)Correct

IT IS WHAT IT IS:  POLITICALLY (IN)CORRECT by Vicki Hinze Politically correct. We’ve been lectured on it, taken to task, borne accusations and been confused by it. It’s been used as a weapon against us, intended to nudge us into accepting [...]
Vicki Hinze, Lesson Mom Should Have Taught You

The Lesson Mom Should Have Taught You

THE LESSON MOM SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU   By   Vicki Hinze     The world has changed.  People… not so much.  We all laugh and cry, are happy and sad.  We all get angry and other people hurt our feelings.  Sometimes they mean to, sometimes [...]


 I AM. IT’S ENOUGH. By Vicki Hinze We’re bombarded all day, every day with messages. We’re too fat, too thin, too bald, too locked into bad habits. We need whiter teeth, stronger this, more of that.   The message to us is, we’re [...]