10 Reasons To Love Microsoft OneNote

I. Heart. OneNote. by Jenny Hansen What is OneNote, and where do I find it? OneNote is a planner and note taking software. Capture text, images, video and audio notes, and keep important information readily available. If you’re the organized [...]

Cool Tool: Find Out What Your Facebook Interactions REALLY Say About You

by Jenny Hansen   Social Media rocks, doesn’t it? I think it’s one of the best inventions ever. I love the interaction, the variety and the community. Most people prefer one platform over another, and I’m going to confess [...]

Nifty Keyboard Shortcuts and Why I Love the “Window Key”

by Jenny Hansen I’ve been a software trainer for many years and my favorite part of the day job is watching how excited people get when some nifty trick makes their lives easier. A while back I was on Twitter when my pal, Julie Glover, [...]
Sara Volz and Joseph Kallenbach CEE.org

B&H Youth Achievement Award 2013

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes My tired brain was overtaxed with the often painful world of foreign policy, so I did some recreational reading. The vacation from our world’s wars and genocides did me good. I discovered a couple of young [...]
Photo credit: Cellar Door Films

LinkedIn: Make the Most of Your Six Seconds

Are You Making the Most of LinkedIn? by Jenny Hansen Whether you’re a writer, a businessperson or a freelance worker, LinkedIn is a wonderful place to find endorsed professionals to be part of your team. LinkedIn really is more than ‘just [...]
By Stijn.Berghmans ~ Wikimedia Commons

10 Computer Phrases that Sound Naughty But Aren’t

10 Computer Phrases that Sound Naughty But Aren’t by Jenny Hansen During my “day job” I work with a lot of guys. I’m a technical trainer and the computer field is pretty male-dominated so, like anything male-dominated, the terms [...]