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Our Classifieds are Guaranteed.

Social N is the Largest Social Media Brand in Metro DC with well over 125,000 Active Connections

@SocialInDC 53,000       @SocialArlington    12,000

@SocialInFairfax 12,000    @SocialRockville   4,000

@SocialInAlex 10,000        @SocialInLoudoun   2,000

 @SocialNLeesburg    9,800   @SocialNEvents   10,000

@SocialNPR   38,000

Social N is the only micro local micro niche Classified Ad Product on Social Media in Metro DC

There is no better way to get your Ad noticed so quickly: Our Goal is to start Tweeting within the Hour.

Your Ad Will Saturate the Demographic, Run Multiple Times Daily, and Will Run Until  You Achieve Results: GUARANTEED.  Social N will continue the Ad for a second or third month until you achieve results.

Social In Large

How is a Classified Ad different from Craigslist or the Post?  Well first of all, it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars like the Washington Post, AND we tweet your Ad to a mobile, active audience!  This is no “passive” form of advertising (like Craigslist) that waits for the searcher,  but a living social format.

“The Best Classified Advertising I’ve Ever Run”   Al Leguizamon, Realtor  Fairfax, VA

GUARANTEED RESULTS! These are the ONLY products online that come with a Guarantee.

$10 Pet Adoption

$25 Job Listing

$25  Apartment Listing

$99 Home Listing

$25 Car For Sale

$49  Services Offered (per month)

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