Community Radio Alive & Thriving in DC!


Ever wonder what happened to community radio in the Washington DC Area? Well, wonder no more! With the yearling Independent Radio Station WERA 96.7 now in full swing, it’s time you discover the sounds of DC with  WERA.fm Live Streamed or on your FM dial 96.7FM, in the Arlington, Virginia area!

One show gaining momentum through the airwaves and stream is SongPo Radio, from the producer and founder of the Songwriters and Poets Artist Alliance, airing every Wednesday Night from 10:30pm – till midnight. SongPo Radio is also archived on their blog at songwritersandpoets.com.  SongPo Radio brings you the music and fresh voices of DMV Artists as well as Artists touring through the DC Metro Area.  Each show takes on an identity of its own with guest Artists and Music Event Creators.

Of late SongPo Radio has been busy covering everything Folk and Bluegrass beginning with Episode 29 about the upcoming  April 23rd Benefit Concert to support Bluegrass Country Radio followed by Episode 30 supporting the Artists of the May 12-14 Circa Blue Festival and this Wednesday Episode 31 with the award winning Songwriter Laura Baron. The following four weeks  April 19th to May 10th SongPo Radio will air the music of the May 13 Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival that benefits Living Classrooms a non profit that has been serving the disadvantaged youth of DC & Baltimore these past 15 years.

SongPo Radio brings back the feel of old time radio, commercial free, each Episode unscripted and locally awesome! Take the time to listen in at WERA.fm




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