Concrete Dreams


Butch Lefevre is no ordinary concrete and floor specialist.  He is often called a Master Craftsman.  We like to think of him as an artist.

He’s done work ranging from the exotic to the mundane.

Exotic Floor Sculpture Pattern

“Clients approach me with ideas, and I try to transform each of their notions into a living breathing representation, unique; something that only they have.  A driveway needn’t be ‘just a driveway’ ,  it can be a statement of quality, refinement and beauty”  says Lefevre.


“Imagination is born of taste and distinction.  No property whether commercial or private need be ordinary.  I work with the client to transform  spaces into extraordinary environments”  he said.


“The handiwork in small areas and in the little things are often overlooked.   Most of today’s Craftsman are just hired contractors, or  people who rush from job to job and want to hurry the process.   Making the small spaces beautiful is what adds the most distinction to a property” Says Lefevre.


“Handcrafted spaces are so subtle, that sometimes only the property owner and I even know that it’s there.  It should be that way.  There should be some mystique in the work.”

Even a step can be an expression of beauty and art.


“We should not look at mundane spaces in a mundane way.  We should be willing to let our imagination take us to new places.  We should let those spaces become beautiful spaces.  This is what I like to do.  I like to make beautiful spaces” says Lefevre.

Butch has taken his Concrete Dreams all over the world, from Hollywood to Phoenix, to Europe.  A native of South Carolina, he spends most of his time here in the Washington, DC area, although he still travels anywhere in the country where people appreciate his extraordinary talents.

Spending an afternoon with Butch Lefevre  abounds with refreshing surprises.   Folksy and straightforward best describes his manner, combined with creative and brilliant when he is thinking of aesthetics.    Asked jokingly if he does bathrooms,  Lefevre replied: “Together, we’ll make it distinctive”


Butch can be reached at 703-342-9728

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