DC and DMV Hipster Flipster Capitol of the U.S.

Metro DC  the Hippest of the Flipster Markets

AdMo Hotel has great impact on Real Estate Values

Much has been made of the expression Hipster Flipster ~ where real estate investors target their rehabilitation projects to meet the needs of  the professional millennial market.   And if flipping properties to hipsters is hot than the Metro DC market is this hippest flippenest of them all with over 5 zip codes in the Top 20 Markets according to RealtyTrac http://www.realtytrac.com/Content/news-and-opinion/top-20-zip-codes-for-flipping-to-hipsters-7980

Hipster Flipster Zip Codes in DC Market

22031  Fairfax

22312  Alexandria

20852  Rockville

22041  Falls Church

22306  Alexandria

Not only is the Metro DC market the heaviest concentration of millennials in the U.S.,  it is characterized by expensive rentals.   It’s not unusual for upscale apartments in DC to go for $2500 to $3000 a month; making home ownership a very affordable and profitable prospect for hipsters.  And who knows the young and upcoming market more than this very age group?  Opportunities abound, not only for hipster ownership, but hipster rental income, and hip flipping opportunities for millennial investors.

According to other reports, Fairfax is one of the highest per flipped property, with over $200k per flip.  When cross referencing flipped properties, and  zip codes, Mantua, Braddock, and parts of Merrifield and Falls Church have the highest potential for millennial investors.

So how does a hipster start investing in local properties and benefit from this hot and competitive market?

30% of the current real estate market is dominated by institutional or speculative investors who purchase properties, rehabilitate them, and sell them.  This group pays cash, and often does not need to wait on financing to strike a deal with sellers.  How does a 25 – 34 year old compete with this group of real estate investors?  Become one of them.

Fortunately for the hipster investor,  there are some new channels coming into the market for learning this lucrative field.

Ugly Opportunities for instance, is the largest group of independent real estate investors in the U.S., and they have complete training, support as well as teach lead generation.  What makes them unique in the Investor space, is that they are the only full service flipping brand in the U.S. which supports it’s local entrepreneurs.   Their number is:  855-937-9458  .    Ugly Opportunities trains hipster investors the fast growing flipping market.   Rather than go it alone and suffer through a long learning curve, the hipster entrepreneur benefits from a large group of like minded investors.

FlipNerd  is currently in a rebuild of it’s site.  Set to launch this summer, with unique strategies geared toward the needs of the Millennial and Hipster Markets,  FlipNerd will be the hipster’s initial stop.    The first ever  Real Estate Investor Listing Service is but one innovation.  FlipNerd.Com will also feature contacts with buyers and sellers,  opportunities to scoop up undervalued properties, and ways in which hipsters can focus on quick wealth creation and being their own CEO.

Tried and True meets Hipster New

DC can be considered a petri  dish of millennial and hipster innovation.  A recent Washington Post Outlook article says:

As the population of millennials surges in Washington and the region, local developers and architects are rethinking the way they create living spaces with this generation’s behaviors in mind. http://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/new-apartment-buildings-are-geared-for-millennials/2014/04/17/4b6ef750-929f-11e3-b46a-5a3d0d2130da_story.html

An old expression still holds true:  “Do you want to get rich in real estate?  Go buy 500 acres on the edge of town, and hold on for twenty years”.  Hipsters can do the same thing in an Urban landscape.  Find out where the hot markets are, and buy a home on the edge of that neighborhood, or a fixer upper.  Even attempting to buy one house, will teach a hipster valuable lessons.

The Washington, DC Market has been one of the strongest in the U.S., even when other areas saw declines.   http://cra.gmu.edu/pdfs/Washington_Metro_Housing_Market_Update.pdf Excellent Flipster Hipster neighborhoods in Washington include  Petworth, Adams Morgan,  Southeast by the ball park.  Another list of Fastest Selling Zip Codes in DC recently  shows that homes in these areas will also appeal to the unique needs and wants of hipsters and millennials, so expect strong buying competition.

Fastest Selling Real Estate Zip Codes in the Washington DC Market

Another “Old Meets New”  example may be best described by the Hipster Flipster market of Adams Morgan.   Rather than destroying The First Church of Christ in order to build a luxury hotel in AdMo, the Slydell Group is moving forward with plans and intends on keeping the historical building in place.  This has created tremendous upward pressure on real estate values in Adams Morgan.  There are still buildings where Hipsters can buy apartments (tiny, small and even rat infested)  for under 500,000 renovate them, and sell them for 1.2 to 1.5 million, pocketing astronomical profits, under the very eyes of the institutional investors they hope to compete with.

So the next time you hear public outcry over a new building, or downtown improvements, remember two things hipsters:   A.  You’ll never stop improvement, it’s good for home values and creates wealth.   B.  You can take that old eyesore you walk by each morning, and fix it up, and create your own wealth.


Article penned by the Founder/Editor of Social N Worldwide, Inc., Lonny Dunn,  @PronetworkBuild Author Geek and Socio-Cultural Explorer.   Social N started in Washington DC, and has since grown to a Nationwide Network.   Social N grows by about 3,000 new connections daily, and receives over 500,000 mentions or tweets per year. http://socialnworldwide.com/who-we-are-map/





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