DC Women’s Theatre Group Presents An Engaging Drama on Women in the Military

DC Women’s Theatre Group Presents An Engaging Drama on Women in the Military: “Lost Letters: From The Frontline to the Homefront.”


Article and Interview by Ellie Ann




Lost Letters: From the Frontline to the Homefront is a new play by DC Women’s Theatre Group, put on by Serina Freeman, Star Johnson, Marquia Springer and Melissa McIntosh. It will debut at the DC Arts Center on February 22nd & February 23rd. The doors open at 7:30. For more information on tickets go to DC Women’s Theatre Group.

The DC Women’s Theatre Group is dedicated to providing women of all ages, races and skill levels with the opportunity to come together and create unique performances. Their goal is to celebrate the beauty, talent and strength of women by writing, producing and performing in original and established works that give a voice to issues impacting women world-wide.

Their latest production deals with women in the military and what they face. Lost Letters is an episodic play that explores the effects of military life on women who serve and those who are left behind. The series of monologues deal with a variety of issues, including PTSD, infidelity, rape, and grief. It was written by Serina Freeman and director Star Johnson.

Social In DC was able to interview writer and director, Star Johnson:


Director and writer: Star Johnson

What drew you to write and direct this play?

We felt that there were a lot of prominent issues in military life that impact women. So often the story is told through male’s eyes–we need to present the women’s side–these stories are not being spoken of.
And that’s who we are–we make sure we’re shining light on places that are often dark.
Who is your target audience?
Anyone who is interested in seeing a gripping story on women in military life. We expect to have civilians, soldiers, and veterans. Everyone’s welcome.
Tell me about the cast:
We have a large cast: 16 characters. And for the first time we are putting in male actors. We are extremely excited to be working with so many actors, they are all diverse in ages and backgrounds.
We’re excited to have Eileen Haley, she works with Washing Improv, and she’ll be doing a piece that is emotional and comedic–which draws from her background.
Amula G. and Shanika Thomas are performing a great piece on PTSD.
We have a lot of really great performers in this show, and I’m extremely excited to present our show to the public.
Full cast:
(in alphabetical order)
Meg Dallett
Serina Freeman
Eileen Haley
Sidney Hayes
Taylor Johnson
Harvey Jones
S. Lee Knorr
Sierra Louise-Taylor
Jennifer McClean
Melissa McIntosh
Arielle Seidman
Marquia Springer
Vanessa Terzaghi
Shanika Thomas
Bryan Valle
Alexandra Wehr
Amula G
How can we support you?
Talk about DC Group–that alone grabs people’s attention. Get the word out that there’s a really great show premiering.
And contact District of Columbia Arts Center http://www.dcartscenter.org/ to purchase the tickets. You must call to reserve tickets at (202) 462-7833.



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