Event or Announcement?

We support events, announcements and causes throughout Metro DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland.

We reach a large audience throughout the Region, and we are happy to help you out.

We will tweet it across our network, or even post it to our Facebook page as well.   We strongly endorse our staff to be generous with this policy,  and we try to be as helpful as we can.   Our time is limited, and we cannot devote our entire staff to posting events. We usually scroll a Tweet which Includes your Twitter handle at least ten times over the course of time before your event. NO OTHER PUBLICATION DOES THIS.  We are doing this as a community service.

The URL or “Landing Page” remains in effect indefinitely.  There is no expiration.  So that if you want to link your event to this page, include it on your Facebook or website, then the post will not expire, and can give your event added credibility.

Your Post may or may not remain on the front page of our magazine for a few days.  Some events remain on the front page for a day or so, but the “Landing Page” does not expire.  What happens is this:  When new events are sent to us, and posted to the site, older announcements are pushed down the page.  Eventually, after about a week, your event will be archived.    However, the older announcements are still visible on our “Events” page, and of course in our archives.   There are certain categories like “Music” or “Food & Drink” that might stay on the front page longer than others.

Submitting your event for publication is easy.  You should have a photo or image saved to your desktop before you contact us, so that is handy and ready when you send us your eMail.

Send your Event or Press Release to:    info@SocialinDC.com

Try to limit your content to 400 words or less.  Most research shows that readers on the Internet only spend about 40 seconds on a webpage, before losing interest.  If you haven’t captured the reader’s attention with a link or directions, or a chance to buy a ticket within the first 200 words, you might in fact lose your reader.   We are not here to teach you the fine art of press releases.  If you wish to have one written for you, the cost is $25.00 and simply indicate that you want us to write your press release.  We will not go back and forth with it.  We will write it, send it to you for review  ONE TIME Only, and then post it.  We have professionals who write them all the time, and frankly, we don’t really want to be in the press release business, but we understand that sometimes you might need one professionally written.

Remember to include your Twitter Handle when you submit your announcement.

Remember to attach photos with the first eMail,  make it easy for Social In DC to post your material.  Don’t make us work for it!  If you  send an announcement, remember to send your contact information like phone, eMail, and other appropriate information like website URL so that we know it is legitimate; but also in case we have any questions.

If you would like to invite our staff to the event, then make that clear in your eMail.  We often take pictures, and will write an article about the event.  This is not a guarantee that we will show up at your event, but we appreciate having good material to bring to the forefront of the public’s attention.

If for whatever reason your event or announcement is cancelled, we may or may not get that message out in time, and take no responsibility for cancelled events.

The eMail Address:  Info@SocialInDC is NOT for Tips, or News Stories.   If you have a tip or news story that you want us to consider, please click the link above for that.




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