Government Contracting

The U.S. Government is basically recession proof.  It has grown and expanded in good times and bad, during wars and in peace.  The U.S. Government is the Largest Financial Vehicle ever created in the History of Mankind and dwarfs the world’s largest corporations, in terms of how much it spends.

Do you want to do Business with the U.S. Government?


-We’ll Take care of all the Paper work
-We’ll Find Government Opportunities for your Company
-Our Profits are dependent on your profits

-The U.S. Government is the largest Consumer in the world
-Fast and Efficient way to increase sales

Why Sell to the Government?

Why Use Social In DC’s Government Contracting Division?

Have you found the fastest way to grow your company? It’s by doing business with Uncle Sam himself! With a spending budget of $400 Billion dollars annually, the Federal Government is the largest consumer of goods and services in the world. Over the years, thousands of companies have discovered the benefits of selling directly to the Federal Government. A countless number of small and large businesses have gained their high profile status by selling to the Government.

Are you ready to grow your business instantly and affordably? Do you want to be sure your company can continue to thrive in even the most difficult economic times? Start promoting your products and services to the Government today!

Yes, Please Contact me! I have been in business for at least two years, and I want to expand my business by contracting to, or selling my product to the U.S. Government. I want Social In DC’s Government Contracting Division to Contact me Immediately Today.   (Include Your URL.  Social In Does NOT accept every business that contacts us.  Be sure to state your case why Social N should contact you, and why you think your product or service should be purchased by or compete well against other contractors with the U.S. Government) 

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