Create hacker tools for www.freeenterprise.com on 10/17…get your code here!


Every day, incredible things are being done by businesses all over the U.S. America’s entrepreneurs and businesses are creating new technologies, new products and new innovations. FreeEnterprise.com tells those stories! At Free Enterprise Hackathon, presented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, attendees will be asked to create a web application or tools for www.freeenterprise.com! We’re looking for talented developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are willing to work with us on finding the best and most innovative ways to showcase these incredible stories on our site.

Join us!


Use Free Ticket Code: “FreeCommunity2015”


9:00am – October 17th – 6:00pm October 18th



U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Washington DC

1615 H Street Northwest, Washington D.C.

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