Hard Hat Tour/Photo/Video Opportunity – Behind the Scenes at the Lyric at 440 K Street in Mount Vernon Triangle

Media Alert

What: Hard Hat Tour of Lyric at 440K in Mount Vernon Triangle

When: 3-5 PM, Tuesday, November 19th

Where: Main Lobby, 440 K Street, NW

Who: Executives from Quadrangle Development Corporation and the Wilkes Company


The new residents moving in to the 234-apartment Lyric at 440K this winter in Mount Vernon Triangle will be experiencing upgraded luxuries that highlight the growing trend of apartments targeting urbanites of all ages. Beyond the usual rooftop pools and social rooms, these residents will enjoy a landscaped, private, tranquility garden and fireplace, a resort-style rooftop infinity pool with an area for in-pool lounge chairs and a lap pool, services that include pet-walking services in the dog-friendly neighborhood and 24-hour front desk service. A recent survey in the Mount Vernon Triangle determined that 80% of responders don’t use a car to get to work and place a high value on the lifestyle and amenities available at the core of the City. The Lyric’s developers will be on hand to speak to the trends within, and growing population of, one of Washington’s oldest and most vibrant communities.

On Tuesday November 19th, from 3-5 PM, the Lyric will hold a 2-hour exclusive hard-hat tour to members of the media, community leaders and local businesses, to answer questions and illustrate the direction of new apartment development.


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