Interested in Photography? Meet Successful Photographers at Hillyer Art Space

What: November Exhibitions featuring Chandi Kelley, D.B. Stovall, and Pamela Viola

When: Friday, November 1 – 27, 2013  
Friday, November 1st, 6-9pm, Part of FotoWeek DC
Artist Talk: Thursday, November 7th at 7pm, with D.B. Stovall and Pamela Viola
Where: Hillyer Art Space, 9 Hillyer Court NW, Washington, DC 20008

Description: In celebration of FotoWeek DC, Hillyer Art Space presents the work of three local photographers, Chandi Kelley, D.B. Stovall, and Pamela Viola. Part of Dupont Circle’s First Friday, Hillyer hosts an opening reception on November 1st from 6-9pm. Meet the artists and see the how they each use the same medium of photography to create three distinct new bodies of work.Hillyer Art Space FEATURED Image

Hillyer Art Space celebrates FotoWeek DC with three solo exhibitions by local photographers Chandi Kelley (DC), D.B. Stovall (MD), and Pamela Viola (VA). The exhibitions open on November 1st and will run through November 27th, 2013. While each of these artists uses a camera to create their work – from a large format view camera to the iPhone – that is where the similarities end.

Chandi Kelley’s exhibition, Unnatural Histories, highlights the tension between fiction and documentation through constructed environments and the objects that inhabit them. Kelley seeks blurred lines between the real and the unreal, and the points where these two worlds intersect. In this body of work Kelley has applied artifice to natural objects, and sometimes to artificial objects that mimic the natural. The application of gold in various forms is an over the top gesture to draw attention to natural beauty, create a spectacle of nature, and perhaps even to assign value to waning preciousness. By adding superfluous attributes, Kelley manipulates these objects until they become relics of a false natural history, teetering on a line between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

D.B. Stovall presents A Slower Way of Seeing: Photographs of the American Vernacular, a series of photographs of buildings – random store fronts and taverns, gas stations and garages, run down theaters – from across the United States. He considers his subject matter to represent the “American Vernacular,” things that seem mundane or commonplace to others, yet define our existence. View cameras, both 4×5 and 8×10, were used to create this work, both for total image control and because they facilitate what he describes as a “slower way of seeing” that has become a hallmark of his work.

In our Members’ Gallery, Pamela Viola will show Having a Ball, a series which grew out of her desire to loosen up her work. She felt it had become too tight and organized, and wanted it to be lighter and more whimsical. Along the way Viola experienced the newness and excitement of falling in love with photography all over again. This series initially developed from photographs made with an iPhone and composited on an iPad. Combining unrelated images with a variety of creative apps felt like play, energizing her. She started using elements of one piece in the next, layering metaphor, symbolism, and subtle mystery as the series progressed.On Thursday, November 7th starting at 7pm, the public is invited to join D.B. Stovall, followed by Pamela Viola, for a night of intimate talk with the artists about their process and stories behind their work.

Gallery Information
Hillyer Art Space is a contemporary gallery dedicated to serving the public with quality exhibitions and programming. Established in April 2006, Hillyer is a program of International Arts & Artists, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally. Hillyer presents a monthly series of exhibitions in its three-room space. Exhibitions feature artists from the mid-Atlantic region— particularly the DC area — and works by international artists. We are focused on exhibiting under represented artists, whether they are emerging or established, to showcase their work. We are located in Dupont Circle, next to the Phillips Collection, in Washington, DC. The gallery is open Monday 12-5pm,Tuesday through Friday 12-6pm, and Saturday 12-5pm, or by appointment.


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