Italian Cultural Society’s Language Program @ItaliansInDC – Starting on Monday!



Italians in DC is proud to announce its partnership with the Italian Language Program (ILP) of the Italian Cultural Society and that enrollment to ILP is open (and classes will start this Monday, January 6th!).

You can find the description of all classes here:



There are also new courses for the Winter Quarter beginning January 6, 2014:


  • Viaggio gastronomico will be taught in English this time, to welcome students who are not fluent in the Italian language, but are interested in discovering the history of traditional food and recipes of some Italian regions;

  • Le regioni della ceramica is also providing material in English to welcome everybody interested in exploring Italian ceramics and their regions of origin;

  • For our Advanced/Intermediate students we are adding a series of Italian culture classes, starting with History 1: a panorama of the main events making up the history of Italy;

  • A book reading class is starting also for Intermediate level students to introduce them to classic and contemporary Italian literature at their appropriate level of reading comprehension.

  • We are also starting language classes for Middle School and High School students, after the success of the kids classes.

You can view the Winter Quarter Schedule for details:



Italians in DC members discount:

20 hour Adult courses:  $250 instead $265

20 hour Kids and teens courses: $275 instead of $290 (and sibling discounts)

15 hour kids and teens courses: $260 instead of $270 (and sibling discounts)


For the full description of Italians in DC partnership with Italian Cultural Society please visit our website: http://www.italiansindc.com/us/events/37-eventi/1560-italians-in-dc-parternship-con-litalian-cultural-society

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