Saturday, September 15, 22, and 29

10 am – noon

at the Visitor Center Auditoriu, National Zoo


Wildlife 911 will introduce you to the rewarding field of wildlife rehabilitation, including the roles of trained wildlife rehabilitators in our communities, the applicable laws and regulations, the principles of basic emergency care, common veterinary issues, natural behavior of certain species, hotline techniques, and volunteer opportunities. Our speakers are experts in their fields, some a decade or more of experience. We hope you find the course interesting and that you leave with a good understanding of how you may be able to assist in responding to wild animals in need – what to do, as well as what NOT to do. Everyone attending all three sessions will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Attendance for the 6 hour course. Please be sure to sign in each day if you wish to receive a certificate. Because we hope to offer more courses on wildlife rehabilitation in the future, we will welcome your comments on this course and your suggestions for future courses.

Course Schedules

1. Saturday, September 15

- Introduction to the Applicable Laws and Principles of Wildlife Rehabilitaion.

- Reuniting Urban Mammals.

- Working with Waterfowl(Ducks, Ducklings, Geese and Goslings.).

2. Saturday, September 22

- From Intake to Release : Basic Husbandry and Care Practices in Wildlife Rehabilitaion.

- Triage and Emergency Care of Wildlife.

3. Saturday, September 29

- Hotline Experiences : Call Taking for Wildlife.

- Rehabilitaitng Raptors.

- Closing remarks and Volunteer Opportunities.

++For more information visit www.nationalzoo.si.edu

++ If you have any question, Contact Anne Lewis at anne.lewis@citywildlife.org or at (202) 965-1947.

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