Eat this…not that! Nutritional counseling services with VIDA Fitness

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Nutritional counseling services with VIDA Fitness

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VIDA Fitness offers nutritional counseling services with our team of registered, licensed dietitians.  Please email  nutrition@vidafitness.com for a rate quote or if you’re interested in learning more about our nutritional counseling services.

We will evaluate your eating and exercise habits, fitness aspirations, body fat, diet history, and family health history to customize the perfect program to help you achieve your goals.  VIDA focuses on you as an individual, utilizing periodic goal-setting to empower you to make your own decisions based on personal food preferences.  Our RD’s will assist you in setting realistic and individualized goals, educate you on specific areas of nutrition, and provide the necessary guidance and support to help you overcome challenges along the way.

Our goal is to redirect your food choices to increase your understanding of what you eat and the impact it will have on your body.  We provide practical, personalized advice to help you lose weight, build muscle, tone up, gain weight, increase athletic performance, or simply educate yourself on general nutrition.

Our Experts –

Catherine Taylor, RD

Catherine (Cat) Taylor, RD, is a Northern Virginia native who grew up in a family of food connoisseurs and runners.  She studied Dietetics and Gerontology at James Madison University and in the process discovered a great passion for helping others improve their lives through nutrition.  Cat believes in a total diet approach to healthy eating based on the principles of balance, adequacy, moderation, variety, and portion control.  There is no “one size fits all” in nutrition and Cat wants to empower VIDA’s members to find their “fit.”.

Alayna Markwordt, MS, RD

Alayna Markwordt, MS, RD, earned her Masters of Science in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University, where she became a 2x All-American in Women’s Lacrosse and currently holds the record for All Time Points and Goals for the Buckeyes.  She uses her extensive athletic history and strong clinical nutrition background to empower individuals to maximize performance and meet personal goals.  Alayna recently worked with a group of athletes preparing for the NFL Combine at IMG Sports Academy in Florida.  Alayna believes in an individualized, holistic approach to nutrition by consuming real, whole foods as the foundation of your diet.

Steve Chavez, PhD, RD

Dr. Stephen Chavez, PhD, RD, completed his Masters of Science in Animal and Nutritional Sciences emphasizing comparative nutrition and athletic performance. He completed his doctorate of philosophy co-majoring in Nutrition and Animal Science using animals as models for human nutrition. Steve believes that nutrition can make or break your fitness goals and that exercise al


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