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Mending DC’s Shutdown Broken Heart

Mixi is from Orlando by way of LA and on tour with her band mates affectionately called “Stitched Up Heart.” (@stitchdupheart).

Her songs are about relationships and the drama that runs deep within them. Crisp driving rhythms combine with  precise guitar licks Post Hardcore changes accentuate and underscore their musical stories. Their lives have been dominated by 3 amazing tours filled with positive adventure. In a recent interview Mixi talked about all the new friends they have made and her obsession with social networking. An avid Twitter maven her personal account has over 93,000 followers and she follows over 82,000, now that’s engagement! Combined with the band and their fan pages they have almost 200,000 followers and over 25,000 likes on Facebook and almost 165,000 views for their latest video, “Grave” on You Tube. http://youtu.be/03S38V-vXDQ  Not too shabby for an Indie Band!

First they went to Orlando and are now working their way up the east coast to  DC for two awesome nights, Tuesday 10/8 at the Black Squirrel in the Round with Host Rap Poet Fleetwood Deville (@dresssock) and Blak King (@blaktronica) and Wednesday 10/9 at Club Heaven with DC’s Atomic Experimental Rock Band Phenomena “All Things Cntinue” (@_continues_).


Both clubs are on 18th NW in Adams Morgan. Both events are brought to you by Songwriters and Poets (@songpoets) in partnership with Indie Adams Morgan (@indieadmsmorgan).

Doors Open 8pm both nights…

Come out and forget the pain of government heartbreak! Show an employee ID and get in Free!


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