When Your Christmas Tree Wants a Bass Boat

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My Valentines Day Tree. It’s a tradition…in Finland…ok the insane asylum.


Christmas is now a distant memory for most “normal” people. Me? I just took down the wreath and stockings this week. For years I refused to have a Christmas tree, namely because I lived in small crappy apartments and had no room for one, but also? I am lazy and unashamed about that. Yes, I work hard, but this idea that we are going to work a day job, write books, blog, build a platform, be the perfect mother, spouse and have a Martha Stewart home is absurd. Yes, I confess. It is now coming up on Valentines Day and my Christmas Valentines Tree still proudly stands in my dining room. Which leads me to wonder…

Exactly how long can one leave up a Christmas tree before you’re officially white trash?

I know that, technically, an artificial Christmas tree isn’t a living thing, thus shouldn’t evolve, but yesterday I heard Willie Nelson coming from the dining room, and, when I looked closely at the tree? I saw it had sprouted THESE:

Stop standing there like a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE and get me a BEER!

Stop standing there like a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE and get me a BEER!

To keep my tree from shooting in the air and playing banjo, I had to come up with a plan.

Take down the tree.

*clutches sides laughing*

Are you kidding? I have writing to do!

So I distracted the tree with Bud Light and some glittery nail polish from Wal Mart and took it to Pic Monkey for a Makeover:

Evolution of the Christmas Tree...

Evolution of the Christmas Tree…

And now my Valentines Tree allows me to happily live in denial. It also no longer swats me in the @$$ and asks me to cosign for a bass boat. I think the Easter Tree will be AWESOME.  It also gets clearer by the day why I wasn’t allowed to play with the other neighborhood kids.


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