Promote Your Business While Sponsoring a Great Cause!

Social In DC, the Metro Regions Largest Social Media Brand has teamed up with the Global Music Therapy Project to Bring you the Single Strongest Marketing Package in the History of Metro DC!   Now Let’s  Show You how we’re Doing [...]

Love Thy Beer! Feb 12th – Silver Spring Civic Building

Love Thy Beer: Winter Warmer Showcase February 12 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm| $65 – $80Silver Spring Civic Building • Silver Spring In honor of FeBREWary, Maryland Craft Beer Lover’s Month, Love Thy Beer is an event for the ultimate [...]


4 kinds of relationships, vicki hinze

4 Kinds of Relationships

4 KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS   by   Vicki Hinze     Entire industries are built around making better relationships. Some are successful. Some are not. The thing is, we all want good relationships. We know we’re not islands and we need to [...]

I Always Wanted to Make a Short Film, Now I’m Finally Doing It

  During a summer heat wave, a young woman struggles to stay safe when an attacker is loose in her urban neighborhood. But can she be cautious without slipping into paranoia? * That’s right, I’m making a short film. It’s [...]
Wiki 2016 Feb King Ibn Saud and Franklin D. Roosevelt 2-14-1945 Great Bittr Lake Egypt public domain

Arab Winter — Shifting Sands in the House of Saud

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes Since Fahd ibn ‘Abd al-’Azīz Āl Sa’ūd ascended to the throne of Saudi Arabia in 1982, relations between the West and Saudi Arabia have been fairly stable, if somewhat complicated. The Saudi [...]
Penny Thoughts, Vicki Hinze

Penny Thoughts: Online Code of Conduct 2

_________________________________ © 2015, Vicki Hinze. Hinze is the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of nearly thirty novels in a variety of genres including, suspense, mystery, thriller, and romantic or faith-affirming thrillers. [...]
3 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now, Vicki Hinze

3 Ways to Improve Your Life Starting Right Now

3 Ways to Improve Your Life Starting Right Now   by   Vicki Hinze We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our lives. Most tips we find are complex, difficult to implement, or distant. We find it far less interesting to make our [...]

Mini Myth: Theseus and the Minotaur

* L. Marrick is an author, ghostwriter and suitcase entrepreneur, which is a hipster way of saying she travels and works from her laptop. She writes about archetypes, spirituality, and mythology at Mythraeum.com. Follow her on Twitter @LMarrick, [...]
Wiki 2016 Jan Germany Syrian Refugees on the way to Germany Mstyslav Chernov link

Germans Under the Migrant Politics Bus

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes When the crucible of reality proves political ideals to be harmful to the people, political leaders have two choices: they can own up to the issues, or they can suppress evidence in a bid to [...]