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Join Me to Fight Child Trafficking on Sept. 16

Everyone’s Kids, Everyone Gives: Join me to end child trafficking on Sept. 16. Do you want to help in the fight against child sex trafficking? Tell your friends about September 16th. On that day, hundreds of organizations and thousands [...]
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Bad News for ISIS

By Jay Holmes On June 29, 2014, after gaining control over large swaths of northern Iraq, ISIS declared itself to be a caliphate. Its intention is to expand this caliphate from Morocco to Malaysia and Indonesia. ISIS “Caliph,” is supreme [...]
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Measuring Moments in Finger Snaps

By KM Huber We write and read to discover perspective on passing moments, recording the progress of our lives in working titles that change with the measure of the moment. Initially, this post seemed to be about dying into the moment and that [...]

Bar-themed Scavenger Hunt on Sept 20 | McPherson Square

WHAT:  BarHuntDC is D.C.’s newest scavenger hunt and bar crawl (Scavenger Crawl) where every drink is earned. Unlike your average bar crawl, participants will have no idea where to go until they solve the clues that lead them to the bars [...]
14H15 Bumblebee Snails

Bumblebees of the Sea

by Susan Spann I’m not only a mystery writer and ninja enthusiast–I’m also an avid aquarium keeper. As such, I often have the chance to share some things most people never see. In the coming weeks, my Saturday posts will sometimes [...]
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5k Run supporting Newborns and Families in SouthWest DC

For more info, pls. visit Unity Health Care
J.R.R. Tolkien

10 Bits of Stellar Advice from J.R.R. Tolkien

by Jenny Hansen What if Tolkien had never written his books? What if there had been no Hobbits and no Gandalf, no Legolas or Frodo? The world of story would be an entirely different place. Our journey and our personal stories matter. They really [...]
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Human Frailty

HUMAN FRAILTY  By Vicki Hinze  © 2014    This week yet another iconic individual in our culture fell, and while we grieve the loss, feel empathy for the family and pray for comfort and peace for all impacted, we also ask ourselves How [...]

Family fun: free Fun & Fit Health Fair in Silver Spring September 14-15

  Family fun: free Fun & Fit Health Fair in Silver Spring September 14-15 The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world headquarters, in partnership with Maryland-based Adventist HealthCare, will hold a two-day Fun & Fit Health Fair [...]
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North Carolina Trucker Arrested for Trafficking a Minor

North Carolina Trucker Arrested for Trafficking a Minor Back in April, the Burlington Police Department and Alamance County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina got wind of a potential human trafficking ring that might be operating in the area. [...]