Wiki 2014 Oct The Siege of Vienna, 1529, by Pieter Snayers public domain

Islamic Radicals Attack Vienna

By Jay Holmes If you responded to the above title with thoughts of Al Qaeda or ISIS, it’s understandable. The most noticeable current events tend to occupy our day-to-day consciousness, but the attack that we refer to in this article occurred [...]

A Fab Tech Tool for Students Everywhere

By Jenny Hansen I’d have given a lot for a tablet and a Smartphone “back in the day.” And a Livescribe pen. And OneNote, the note-taking nirvana from Microsoft. My pals at Microsoft invited me to take a look at OneNote and [...]
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c2014, Vicki Hinze   EBOLA FAST FACTS By  Vicki Hinze   We’re not docs, and we don’t have a week or a month to sift through the data and find out what we need to know about Ebola.  We want the facts—quickly.  So here are the [...]
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Courthouse Beer Fest a Hit!

A HUGE THANKS FROM US TO ALL OF YOU It’s a complete pleasure to have launched the first ever Festival at Courthouse Clarendon! The Craft Beer, Music, Art and Poetry were superb capped by the performances of Christie Lenee and Frank Solivan [...]
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Where in the World is Kim Jong Un? Our Kim Watch

By Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes Someone’s missing, and it isn’t Waldo. Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in North Korea since September 3. Some are speculating about illnesses, diseases, and political coups. With the regular measure of concern [...]
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Tarana and The Silent Note at Bossa Bistro on Oct. 15!

Tarana The Silent Note on October 15, Wednesday Doors open at 9PM $5 at Bossa Bistro 2463 18th St, NW Washington, DC 20009 Tarana is an exciting and ground-breaking Trombone/synth (Rick Parker) & Drums/electronics (Ravish Momin) DUO [...]
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Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

By KM Huber Not too tight, not too loose is the elegant simplicity of balance, whether we are tuning a musical instrument, practicing meditation, or just living our lives day-to-day. Ultimately, imbalance finds balance. The constant adjusting [...]
Capital Punishment

Dead Art Presents Capital Punishment

Doors 8PM $5 21+ / $10 18+ Dead Art presents CAPITAL PUNISHMENT on OCTOBER 10, 2014 featuring performances by M.I.L.F. (9:50pm) https://soundcloud.com/lineformation/don-imus-prod-trip-dixon The Dope Collective (9:10pm) https://soundcloud.com/yunizon-records/hounded-say-my-name-feat-beau-young-prince-1 stOGie [...]
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Halloween Costumes and Male vs Female Brains

By Jenny Hansen It’s three weeks until Halloween and my Little Bean has finally figured out what it’s all about. Last year, she wore whatever I put on her and lined up her candy in cool patterns. This year, she’s figured [...]
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Cyber Security Awareness: Are You Protected?

It’s National Cyber Security Month:  Are You Protected?  By  Vicki Hinze  © 2014    Individuals have more latitude about what they disclose online and make available to the public than do writers and others whose objective in putting [...]