Wiki 2015 Oct Desmond Doss and Harry Truman

Pfc. Desmond Doss — A Conscientious Objector Who Received A Medal of Honor

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes During WWII, dozens of the bloody campaigns raged around the globe, involving millions of US military personnel. Four hundred sixty-four of those Americans received the Medal of Honor — two hundred sixty-six [...]
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INTEGRITY: It’s Like Being a Little Bit Pregnant

INTEGRITY:  It’s Like Being a Little Bit Pregnant By Vicki Hinze   On encountering an injustice, a friend once told me, “Having integrity is like being a little bit pregnant.  You either have it or you don’t.” There is no such [...]

America’s National Calendar: Awareness

Vicki Hinze, Authors Celebrate Fall

Authors Celebrate Fall Contest

Authors Celebrate Fall by Vicki Hinze   Note:  Authors are constantly trying to attract new readers. For today’s writers, this is an essential part of writing to sell. And often authors ban together to do marketing and promotion [...]
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Spy Truth & Fiction: Common Handgun Misnomers

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes There are basically three types of handguns—the revolver, the semi-automatic, and the automatic. All three are commonly misnamed or misrepresented in fiction. Before we get to the differences [...]
Canstock 2015 Aug Hearth Fire with warming feet

Mom’s Dating Wisdom — Bonds of Crazy or Bonds of Love?

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard Everyone is a head case. The only question is whether they are a head case you can live with. ~ Mom In the first article, First Be Happy Alone, we looked at why the first step to being happy with someone else [...]
Vicki Hinze, Warning Life Defining Moment Ahead


  WARNING: LIFE-DEFINING MOMENT AHEAD By Vicki Hinze     Moments define our lives. And often they don’t roar in like lions, they whisper or creep. Seep into our awareness, settle onto our skin, then skin down to the marrow of our bones. [...]
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Looking Back

LOOKING BACK By Vicki Hinze   People are shaped by their experiences. When we experience something, we note the reaction, positive or negative. We slot in memory what happened, how it happened, what we did or didn’t do in response, the [...]

Duterte, Dating, & Diplomacy in the Nuclear Age

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes Dating and Diplomacy in the Age of Nuclear Missiles… Part ten million one of a seemingly infinite series. Note: For the deepest emotional experience, please play “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics as you [...]
Vicki Hinze, Lesson Mom Should Have Taught You

The Lesson Mom Should Have Taught You

THE LESSON MOM SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU   By   Vicki Hinze     The world has changed.  People… not so much.  We all laugh and cry, are happy and sad.  We all get angry and other people hurt our feelings.  Sometimes they mean to, sometimes [...]