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How Wide is Your Cone of Habit?

By KM Huber Change is how we form habits, forging new neural pathways for our brain to record as a new response to life’s experiences. It is how we physically open up to possibility. Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible (Thich Nhat [...]
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ISIS Airstrikes–Who Are the Players, and Where Do They Stand?

By Jay Holmes This week, ISIS remains a major news item. For the sake of continuity, we will continue referring to them as ISIS, but be aware that, in recent weeks, they have acquired more aliases than the average Brooklyn mob goon.     Since [...]

CASA KAOS – Crestwood Tour of the Homes to Fund Low Income Housing

CASA KAOS ! CRESTWOOD TOUR OF THE HOMES TO FUND LOW INCOME HOUSING ALL PROCEEDS GO TO MANNA  Since 1982 MANNA has been serving low and moderate- income families and assisting them to fulfill the dream of homeownership.www.mannadc.org [...]

4 Things I Never Thought I’d Know About Vertigo

by Jenny Hansen The world has been rocking and pitching uncontrollably lately at my house. Not because of California earthquakes, but simply because I’ve been fighting vertigo since September 10th. It turns out vertigo is a lot more [...]

“A Clockwork Orange” Halloween at The Queen Vic

Clockwork Orange Night at The Queen Vic this Halloween (Friday, October 31st 2014). We will be showing the film from 9pm to 3am, with food and drink specials and of course Clockwork Orange costumes. No cover, lots of fun and a little creepy [...]
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SCRAPING BONES: Myths and Truths of a Working Writer

SCRAPING BONES: Myths and Truths of a Working Writer  By Vicki Hinze © 2014   Many think that anyone can write a book. Perhaps anyone can, but that’s not the true question that should be addressed before beginning one—and failing to [...]
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Child Trafficking Survivor Tells Her Story

Child Trafficking Survivor Tells Her Story Image source: Pixabay (This isn’t an image from Bailee’s book) * There were 12 steps down into the basement at Carrie Bailee’s father’s house. She remembers every one. You see, the [...]

My Brightest Diamond at Rock & Roll Hotel | Saturday September 27

    “Along with her often-gorgeous singing, Ms. Worden presents an ambitious series of arrangements…the songs glow with rumination…” —The New York Times My Brightest Diamond’s new EP, None More Than You, was released July 15 on Asthmatic [...]
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Antietam – Where Habitual Bad Intelligence Defeated an Intelligence Windfall

By Jay Holmes Last week we looked at the habitual bad intelligence that paved the road to the Battle of Antietam in the American Civil War in Paved with Bad Intelligence–The Road to Antietam. This week, we see how it was enough to negate [...]
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WRITE NOT WHAT YOU KNOW– WRITE WHAT YOU UNDERSTAND  By  Vicki Hinze   Writing advice comes and goes.  The advice that sticks through the years tends to be that which contains a universal gem that remains intact despite repeated tests [...]