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The Trade: Why is it Hard to Catch Pimps by Following the Money?

Image from Flickr Commons Pimps across the country take in hundreds and thousands of dollars by selling women and girls. According to information shared by law enforcement officials and offender respondents in a recent report by the Urban Institute, [...]

A Secret to Success, In 200 Words or Less

by Jenny Hansen photo credit: Melody Campbell via photopin cc “If you can eliminate the outside noise, you’ll find that the answers are inside you.“ ~ Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings When I travel, I always [...]
Tough Times, and beyond them, Vicki Hinze, Social N Network

Tough Times–and Life Beyond Them

    Tough Times—and Life Beyond Them By Vicki Hinze     We all have tough times in our lives.  No one is exempt.  That makes our top priority figuring out how to cope well with those times.  We do have a choice:  [...]
"Afraid? Honey, I named my poodle Risk just so I could embrace it. Good boy, Risk."

Serves Me Right

A couple of days ago, the twins found a thirty-five count pack of envelopes in my room, opened it, and sealed every, last one. I now have zero envelopes. Ok, now that we’ve gotten last week’s parenting high point out of the way, [...]
Wiki Soldiers of the Cuban Army 1898

The Scream Heard ‘Round the World

By Jay Holmes Here in the U.S., if we hear the words “the Battle of Manila,” we generally assume they refer to the WWII battle that took place in the Philippine Islands in 1945. That’s a reasonable assumption, but long before U.S. General [...]

The Best Season of Your Life is Just Beginning

By KM Huber The best season of your life is right now for in every moment, there is a beginning. Beginnings are never out of season no matter what the weather is in your heart or outside your door. Every once in a while, spring is the season [...]
Dallas at Twilight by Benjamin Esham

The Trade: Sex Trafficking in Dallas

Image by Benjamin Esham at Flickr Commons In Dallas, the youngest victims of sexual trafficking are typically found indoors—in residences or hotels—or on the street. Those who are bought and sold behind closed doors are usually [...]

Do You Love “Schmuck Bait?”

by Jenny Hansen Today I’m sharing the spotlight with my pal Geralyn, aka G.V.R. Corcillo. Below, she talks about entertainment, a wicked cool Castle episode, and the power of a great story. As Ger says, “I Love Me Some Schmuck Bait!” That’s [...]

Character and Credibility

  Character and Credibility By Vicki Hinze   This morning, doing time on my treadmill, I set aside my music and watched a few minutes of news—maybe four to five minutes of news—and in that time, I saw two members of congress behaving [...]
"Who are these soapless people?"

Odds and Ends

First off, I’d just like to say the entries in this month’s caption contest are killing me. In a good way. Keep at it, folks. The sunshine you’re sprinkling in my life is invaluable. It’s also valuable. Additionally, [...]