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Swimming Naked

  Swimming Naked  By Vicki Hinze    Civility itself is under attack, and since our society swims in its sea, we have to call the question to ourselves and on others:   Are you swimming naked?   Financial guru Warren Buffet once said, [...]

The Capital City Showcase is at Acre 121

WASHINGTON – The Capital City Showcase makes its triumphant return on Saturday, May 21st, at 9:00pm, at Acre 121 in Columbia Heights, located at 1400 Irving St NW, Washington DC 20010. The Capital City Showcase is the variety show [...]
Wiki 2016 May US Secy State Kerry Toasts Pres Begnigno Aquino in Manila Office of Pres public domain

US/Asia-Pacific Alliances: The Philippines is Warming Up

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes In response to the People’s Republic of China’s recent sovereignty claims over the entire South China Sea/West Philippines Sea and China’s escalated aggression in those international waters, US President [...]
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Beauty Carved In Flesh and Blood — Beauty of a Woman Blogfest V

Piper Bayard Each year, the beautiful August McLaughlin orchestrates a celebration of women and beauty. Drop by her site this week at the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest V for outstanding prizes and tributes to the Beauty of a Woman.     Beauty [...]
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Want or Need to Win? Lessons from the Ten-Cent Maid

  Want or Need to Win? Lessons from the Ten-Cent Maid By Vicki Hinze     Many years ago in school, there was a contest for the homecoming court. Everyone was to sell votes for a dime. This was one of the school’s biggest fundraisers, [...]

It’s OK to be Awkward (when Talking to a John)

If you’re not following this series, here’s a quick recap: My boss Caroline was an escort and I was her personal assistant. She used to send me out shopping or running errands when she was with clients. This is the story of one [...]

DC Open Doors Homebuyers’ Informational Sessions

    May  6 and May 18th Type of Event:  Free Homebuyers Seminar Location:  District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency, 815 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 Contact Information:  Deborah Jones,  HomeBuyerSeminar@DCHFA.org  (202) [...]
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The Race for US/Asia-Pacific Alliances

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes On November 23, 2013, the People’s Republic of China declared its East China Sea Air Defense and Identification Zone, which asserted expanded territorial boundaries. The new zone includes international waters [...]
Give People a Chance, Vicki Hinze

Do You Give People a Chance?

Do You Give People a Chance? By Vicki Hinze A little over a month ago, I had a computer challenge that tested my patience and my character. I took a computer in for a simple repair and while there it was damaged. Since then, it’s been [...]

Jane Austen & Alexander McQueen: A Gallery of Classic & Couture

The Gallery Santa Fe Drive is Denver’s Art District. The first Friday of every month, the entire street is a riot. That’s First Friday Art Walk. It’s one of those events where the entire street is a party. Every gallery has [...]