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When Your Best-Laid Plans Go Up in Smoke

  When Your Best-Laid Plans Go Up in Smoke   By   Vicki Hinze     Things happen that are firmly outside of our control. That’s one of the most difficult-to- accept challenges in life. For authors, if that challenge doesn’t surface [...]

An End to Ares Consciousness: Shifting Out of Our Constant Need to Fight Each Other

   * So I was meditating with the energy of Aphrodite’s archetype (that would be love). And I was wondering about how to infuse our daily experience with love, both on an individual and global level. It’s key for humanity [...]

What Would YOU Do For Love?

by Jenny Hansen My favorite Facebook update this summer was from my brother. (We affectionately refer to him as The Bag Whore.)  THIS was his update from his romantic getaway with his wife: Okay, the massage… It wasn’t the sea [...]
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Closing Doors

    Closing Doors By Vicki Hinze   We start out with simple goals. The more we accomplish, the more we dream. Our goals expand and we often awaken one day and ask ourselves how our lives got so complicated. Our commitments are such [...]
2016 Aug Anthropoid Movie Poster

ANTHROPOID — Espionage Legend on the Big Screen

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes ANTHROPOID brings one of history’s legendary espionage events to the big screen – the WWII assassination of SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich by two Czech paratroopers and a few Czech [...]

Washington’s Fears for America Fulfilled

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard Many Civil War historians will tell you that partisanship in America is more heated than it has been since 1860. We are regularly smacked in the face by evidence that both major political parties put their [...]
Time to Rest, Vicki Hinze

Time to Rest

TIME TO REST  By Vicki Hinze     Today, we have technology assisting on fronts that were dreams for small business and sole proprietors even a short time ago—and we’re grateful for it. Expanded capabilities save us money and time on [...]
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Writers and Faith–a Journey and Exercise: Part 2

Writers and Faith:  A Journey and Exercise Part 2   By  Vicki Hinze    Note:  This is Part 2 of Writers and Faith:  A Journey and Exercise.  If you have not read the first installment, you can find it at: Part 1. It is recommended that [...]
14H01 Seppuku

Seppuku: Ritual Suicide in Samurai Japan

by Susan Spann Seppuku (sometimes also referred to as hara-kiri) is a form of Japanese ritual suicide. Many Westerners recognize this Japanese form of suicide, in which a person (often, but not always, male) slits his own stomach with a sword, [...]

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