A Penny Thought, Vicki Hinze, Battles Worth Fighting

A Penny Thought: Battles Worth Fighting

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When You’ve Lost Everything by Vicki Hinze This year, more than most, I’m hearing from people who have lost everything.  They’re feeling hopeless and helpless.  Defeated in life, or by life.  Some have lost jobs and homes, some [...]
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A Penny Thought: Your Troubled Past

Moments of Clarity, Vicki Hinze

Moments of Clarity

Moments of Clarity By Vicki Hinze Moments of clarity. Sometimes we ignore them, often we misunderstand them, and sometimes we completely fail to recognize them. That creates challenges for us because without those moments of clarity, we live [...]
Calm the Savage Beast, vicki hinze

How-To Calm Your Inner Savage Beast

How-To Calm Your Inner Savage Beast by  Vicki Hinze   We all have an inner savage beast.  Normally, we keep the beast leashed, our civility intact, our humanity in control, ruling our actions and reactions.  But there are times when life [...]
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USS Fitzgerald/ACX Crystal Collision – Questions & Conclusions

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes At approximately 2:20 a.m. local time on June 17, 2017 the US Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald suffered a collision with the Philippines-registered container ship ACX Crystal approximately 64 miles southwest of [...]

America’s National Observations: July

  July 4th America Celebrates Independence Day! Since 1776
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Do What You Love and . . .

  Do What You Love and . . .    By   Vicki Hinze       For years, we’ve heard: Do what you love and the money will follow. For most of us, that advice has proven true—and false.  Why both?  Because there’s another aspect [...]
Top 2 Tips to Avoid Crisis Mode, Vicki Hinze

Top Two Tips to Avoid Crisis-Mode

    Top Two Tips to Avoid Crisis-Mode   by   Vicki Hinze     We work hard and we’d like to play hard—and we would play hard, if we could just get out of and stay out of crisis-mode.  But it seems no matter how many extra [...]
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Staying Safe in Public Spaces

Bayard & Holmes With the increasing number of terrorist attacks around the world, the public is becoming ever more aware that it’s wise to take precautions and think about safety measures. Today we welcome former CIA officer Doug [...]