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WRITE NOT WHAT YOU KNOW– WRITE WHAT YOU UNDERSTAND  By  Vicki Hinze   Writing advice comes and goes.  The advice that sticks through the years tends to be that which contains a universal gem that remains intact despite repeated tests [...]
night of the living zoo

DC Event: “Night of the Living Zoo”

The Friends of the National Zoo at the Smithsonian National Zoo is having an event coming up on October 30, 2014 entitled “Night of the Living Zoo“, which is going to be a 21+ event with live music, food, drinks, games, and artists. “Prepare [...]
Flag of North Carolina (USA)

Salvation Army Fights Trafficking in North Carolina

Salvation Army Fights Trafficking in North Carolina The Salvation Army in North Carolina is doing their part to help victims of human trafficking with Project FIGHT. FIGHT is an acronym for “Freeing Individuals Gripped by Human Trafficking.” (Yeah, [...]

Courthouse Festival Tickets

Courthouse Festival Tickets Courthouse Festival Tickets available here http://courthouse-festival.com/tickets/
Italian Jazz series2

Italian Jazz Series @Blues Alley organized by the Italian Embassy

The Italian Embassy has organized the l’ltalian Jazz Series, which will be hosted by Blues Alley (1073 Wisconsin Ave NW – Georgetown) on the 22/23/24 of September. You can purchase your tickets at the price of $15 on Recoup: https://www.recoup.com/shop/biz/BluesAlley/ItaliansinDC?preview=y For [...]
Wiki 2014 Antietam Manassas Battlefield Park

The Road to Antietam–Paved by Bad Intelligence

By Jay Holmes September 17, 1862, is remembered by US military history students as the bloodiest day in US history. It should also be remembered as a critical lesson to all members of the US intelligence community and the US military. Even a [...]
14E03 Ghillie

Seahorses and Pipefish: Cousins of the Reef

by Susan Spann Most people recognize seahorses at once, almost instinctively. Their distinctive bodies and curled-up tails are familiar even to those who have never seen one in an aquarium or the wild. Pipefish are more unusual, and far less [...]
jenny hansen

10 Bizarre Work Habits of Famous Authors

By Jenny Hansen Awhile back, someone sent me a post called Bizarre Habits of Famous Authors. It details the unusual methods famous authors have used to keep the words flowing. Holy cowbell, these people make me feel normal! Below, I’ve shared [...]
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Career Strategy

Career Strategy and Genre-Hopping by Vicki Hinze   Authors tend to be bright and to have an array of interests.  It’s required to do the job properly.  But those same assets can also be liabilities when it comes to building a career. Building [...]

DC’s Official Oktoberfest Kickoff!

Event: 2nd Annual District Oktoberfest Location: 8 venues in Chinatown Dates: Saturday & Sunday, September 20 & 21, 2014 Times: Event is 12:00pm-8:00pm each day              Check-in is 12:00-3:00pm at RFD       [...]