Raising Kids

30 Things I’d Rather Be Called than Pretty

by Jenny Hansen Everyone has that one word that sets them off, for reasons that elude others. For some it’s “nice,” for others it might be “tall.” None of those words are bad, but have you considered what you’d rather be [...]

10 Telltale Signs of a Narcissist

by Jenny Hansen I read a post a while back called How Do We Know If Someone Has Truly Changed that really got my wheels turning. The author asks thought-provoking questions: Can someone truly change? Do you believe in second chances? How many [...]
Kardashian Tweet

An Open Letter to America’s Butt Impersonators…

by Jenny Hansen I’m a little concerned about America’s @ss obsession. I know 2014 was “The Year of the Booty.” I know J-Lo, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are raking in millions, partly due to the glorious ginormous junk [...]
National Women's Checkup, National Lost Sock Day, Vicki Hinze

National Women’s Checkup & Lost Sock Day

Autism Awareness

Is the Secret to Autism in “The Gut?”

by Jenny Hansen Autism is a topic very close to my heart. My first teaching job was with autistic kids, and my very cool little brother has autism. Some really groovy things have been happening in autism research these last few years and [...]

Promote Your Business While Sponsoring a Great Cause!

Social In DC, the Metro Regions Largest Social Media Brand has teamed up with the Global Music Therapy Project to Bring you the Single Strongest Marketing Package in the History of Metro DC!   Now Let’s  Show You how we’re Doing [...]
Cupid's Undie Run

Would You Run in Your Underpants?

by Jenny Hansen Imagine running around in your underpants on Valentine’s Day weekend… Now imagine doing it with hundreds of other people. In public. Would you do that? And before you yell, “Heck, NO!“…would you [...]
Everlast LEAN

EVERLAST LEAN Weight Management System

  LEAN Appetite Control is formulated to give our bodies all the nutritional value we need in our day-to-day lives as well as help with appetite control. LEAN Metabolism Boost is a vitamin supplement that helps enhance our bodies natural [...]
Gluten Free eating

How Gluten Free Eating Banished My Migraines

by Jenny Hansen Last week, I talked about the funny side of food allergies. This week, I’ll talk about the other side. My nutritionist pal, August McLaughlin, talks about the importance of a good diet but I didn’t realize until [...]

Washington DC therapy, flexibility, musculoskeletal, massage

  Train Smart, Train Healthy!   A unique musculoskeletal service- more effective and healthy way to care for the body by combining flexibility with massage and strengthening.   Great for increasing blood flow to problem areas, [...]