Google SEO

5 Easy SEO Techniques that Actually Work

by Jenny Hansen SEO is a catchphrase that makes most of my writing pals shudder. But SEO doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, some of the best techniques are the easiest for those of us who like to write, because they involve writing. What [...]

What Is Klout and Does It Matter?

by Jenny Hansen Some of you have heard of Klout,  a website and app that measures social media activity and ranks social influence. This is not another social media platform, I promise you. This is something you can set up that gives others [...]
Office Sway

Get “Swayed” in 2015!

by Jenny Hansen Today I’m sharing a really fun present to help you to ring in the new year. When I started telling my pals about the new Microsoft Sway, they about lost their minds. It is extremely creative and cool, but super easy [...]

9 Free Microsoft Products That Rock

by Jenny Hansen Microsoft has some new, updated and FREE products that I am over the moon about. Some of them I’ve heard of because I’m in their Microsoft Office Insiders group, but many of them I’ve been using for years. [...]

A Fab Tech Tool for Students Everywhere

By Jenny Hansen I’d have given a lot for a tablet and a Smartphone “back in the day.” And a Livescribe pen. And OneNote, the note-taking nirvana from Microsoft. My pals at Microsoft invited me to take a look at OneNote and [...]
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Cyber Security Awareness: Are You Protected?

It’s National Cyber Security Month:  Are You Protected?  By  Vicki Hinze  © 2014    Individuals have more latitude about what they disclose online and make available to the public than do writers and others whose objective in putting [...]

Does Organization Elude You? Yeah, Me Too…Until OneNote.

by Jenny Hansen Awhile back, I did a post at Writers in the Storm called 10 OneNote Features That Will Rock Your Writing World. I love this program so much, especially for disorganized souls like me. Why do I dig it so much on a personal level? [...]

Awesome new Steampunk Holmes iPad App

It’s Sherlock Holmes vs. Captain Nemo in an enhanced iPad adventure book set in a steampunk universe. In an alternative Steampunk universe (c.1885), the plans for Captain Nemo’s mysterious Nautilus submarine have been stolen from [...]
By Stijn.Berghmans ~ Wikimedia Commons

Help Me, Computer, For I Have Sinned…

by Jenny Hansen   The above sentence is usually followed by: “It’s been 14 months since my last backup…” Oh sure, we knooooow we’re supposed to back up our stuff. We plan to back up our files. We think about [...]

Catoctin Creek Installs Solar Array

August 27, 2013, Purcellville, VA – Catoctin Creek Distillery has installed a large solar array covering the roof of its new facility on Main Street in Purcellville, Virginia. The solar array, installed by Prospect Solar of Sterling, Virginia, [...]