Babel featuring Enigma of New York, in DC one night only… 5/14


WHAT:                          Babel featuring Enigma of New York

WHEN:                          Thursday, May 14, 2015 7:00 – 11:00 PM

WHERE:                         White Room DC – 1333 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

INFO:                              http://www.EnigmaOfNewyork.com


Nima Veiseh, otherwise known as the Enigma of New York (EON), paints natural moments of transition and connectivity. His work is a mixed media bricolage technique of acrylic paints, spray paint and other materials. A trained scientist, EON compares his style to the way in which movement and light allow us to see the varied colors in the spectrum of the rainbow. He feels that his work had the same qualities as this process allowing for unique interpretations of his work.


In his current body of work Babel, being shown at White Room DC, EON reflects on how people both thrive and struggle in a world that is in constant transition and connectivity. He feels that barriers of language, culture, and distance typically can be inhibitive, but also create opportunity for studying the unique ways that we overcome such barriers. For example, the human brain, like the cities we build, both suffer from complexity that is hard to illustrate. However, through art, we may abstract the hierarchical mechanisms used in both cases to show how harmony works all around us.


Babel will be showing at White Room DC, a multi-purpose space in Washington, DC for one night only.

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