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Thanks for Submitting Your Classified Ad.  You should bookmark this page.

We want your Ad to succeed as much as you do!  Social N will Tweet your information out over our network multiple times daily, until you receive results.   Here are some strategies for a great Campaign:

~ Send us a proposed Tweet. Ask a question first: “Want to See an adorable puppy?  URL”  will work better than the rote facts.

~ Keep your Tweet to 105 Characters.  This allows for the “Classic” or Traditional cut/paste Retweet.

~ Have the End User go to a Call to Action (CTA) page.  For Instance, a Facebook Landing Page, or Your Website that is specific, has photos or images, and is sending a clear message.  Social N can drive all the traffic in the world to your page, but it must be clear and concise or people will leave, get distracted, or forget why they came. DO NOT drive end users to your home page; they should arrive at your Call to Action.

~ Sometimes, the Tweet itself can contain the phone number, and achieve great results.  For Instance, if you submit a photo of your pet, and phone number to be inserted in the Ad?  It could say:  “Want to Adopt an Adorable Puppy? Call 202-555-1212 Picture URL”







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