DC ArtsCenter – June shows


In DC ArtsCenter’s Main Gallery:

Self/Non-Self: Sequence and Abstraction 
by Justin D. Strom

DCAC’s Curatorial Initiative
Curated by Jefferson Pinder
Apprentice Curator: Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell


April 24 – June 14  

In his first solo exhibition in Washington, artist Justin D. Strom presents seductive surfaces that express an aesthetic based on the human image as shaped by, and reflecting, our digital age: an age that attempts to dissolve the distinction between the virtual and the corporeal. Strom references opulent Dutch still life paintings through a rich canvas of constructed scenes that act as symbolic reminders of transformation and impermanence.

In Strom’s work, deepened black spaces deploy a sensibility towards negative space while vibrantly colorful surfaces draw you into a world of unfamiliar objects. These objects reference imagery of botanicals and life itself. The chiaroscuro-like space is a stage for these strange figures to consume your attention, yet a sense of danger lingers beneath the surface—a warning against the luxurious and opulent feeling of these objects, referencing the brevity of life.

Engaging with issues in microbiology, cloning, and genetic sequencing with a sensibility for the fantastical sci-fi films of the late 60s and early 80s, Strom toes the line between reality and fiction and considers our place in both. Abstraction becomes mutation, sequencing becomes the repetition of forms, and the line between art, science, technology is entirely blurred. Of the body, of science and its fiction, of digital imagery itself, these works are a heightened sense of the immediacy of today’s major issues, concerning universal and personal experiences with technology, change, and our environment.

DCAC’s Curatorial Initiative is our curatorial mentorship program, now in is ninth year. The program pairs an established curator with an apprentice to produce two exhibits; in the first the established curator selects the artists, writes the conceptual statements, and prepares a full color catalog with the assistance of the apprentice. The second exhibit reverses the roles and will be in September. http://dcartscenter.org/programs_2_curatorial.htm

In dc artscenter’s nano gallery: 

Thank You Artist Friends on Facebook Project
by Akemi Maegawa

March 13 - June 21
Gallery Talk: Sunday, June 21, 5 pm

Each of these 317 etched portraits on 2×2 inch handmade porcelain tiles were inspired by profile pictures of artists on Facebook. They are physical evidence of Maegawa’s intimate gaze, memory, and relationship with that artist while questioning the difference between virtual and real, ephemeral and permanent, public and private.

All events take place at:
DC Arts Center 2438 18th Street, Washington DC, 20009
202.462.7833 - www.dcartscenter.orginfo@dcartscenter.org

The District of Columbia Arts Center is a nonprofit arts space dedicated to promoting the freshest, most under-recognized artists in the Washington metropolitan area. Comprised of a 750 square foot gallery and a 50 seat black box theater, DCAC has been in the heart of Adams Morgan since its founding in 1989. Its dynamic and eclectic visual arts exhibitions and performance events has received local, national and international reviews. We encourage an ongoing dialogue between new artists and the greater arts community and assist artists in both the business and craft of art. Poets, painters, actors, storytellers, sculptors, and performance artists from around the corner and around the world are drawn to DCAC and it remains a mainstay of the Washington, DC arts community.

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