EVERLAST LEAN Weight Management System

Everlast LEAN


LEAN Appetite Control is formulated to give our bodies all the nutritional value we need in our day-to-day lives as well as help with appetite control. LEAN Metabolism Boost is a vitamin supplement that helps enhance our bodies natural metabolism – therefore burning more fat!


How it works is you drink the shake as a breakfast shake. You combine the packet with 8oz of water, combine well and drink. It really helps with appetite control for morning and throughout the day. The vitamin supplement is taken twice a day, one pill at a time and with at least 4 hours between each pill. Each kit contains a 4 week supply of shakes and vitamins, so a whole month’s worth of weight control!


Everlast Nutrition is dedicated to developing effective, clinically proven, uncomplicated nutrition solutions – like Everlast LEAN.


LEAN focuses on healthy weight loss and is easy to use and make a part of your lifestyle. LEAN will help you meet and maintain your weight loss goals. Each box of Everlast LEAN Weight Management System for Women is a 4-Week Kit that includes: Breakfast Shake Mix (28 Packets / 1 Per Day) Vitamin Supplement (56 Tablets / 2 Per Day)


Step 1: APPETITE CONTROL Everlast LEAN Appetite Control is formulated as a convenient breakfast shake mix to help manage weight and provide complete nutrition support. Contains Fabuless®, a proprietary formula proven to help control appetite throughout the day and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals for women.


Step 2: METABOLISM BOOST Everlast LEAN Metabolism Boost is a vitamin supplement tablet with Teavigo®, a proprietary formula that helps to enhance the body and metabolism*. Everlast LEAN was designed with the help of trainers and experts. They advise avoiding rapid weight loss schemes, which can have adverse side effects. Our products apply natural ingredients, with a long history of safety. Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Every day our trainers are working with women on their weight loss goals; often exercise and lifestyle choices alone aren’t enough. So we understand the challenges many women face when trying to manage weight. We know there are lots of controversial diet pills and weight loss plans that claim to be the quick fix to obtaining the body you’ve always wanted. Not Everlast. We aren’t interested in empty promises or making weight management complicated. Our focus is on providing products that are safe, simple to use and supported by science. Weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated.


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