FOOD & DRINK Head for the Hills — There’s Chili There



4NBC Washington: Now that the triple-digit heat is fading into a (sweaty, disgusting) memory, you might be willing to consider hot food again. Chefs at the Fire on the Mountain Chili Cookoff will be dishing up steaming bowl of chili at the refreshing-sounding Snowshoe Mountain, July 20-21.

Besides being the largest outdoor chili cookoff next to the national event, this feast aims to bring more than just good chili to the plate. The free two-day event will have an ongoing chili/salsa cookoff with cash prizes to the winners, plus live music, games and nightly parties.

Lodging is available at the resort if you want to make a weekend of it.

It’s $40 If you want to enter the chili cookoff, but admission is free otherwise. You’ll find it at at Snowshoe Resort (10 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, W.V.), about four and a half hours from downtown D.C.


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