Josh Ritter w/ Elephant Revival @ 9:30 Club – 2/23

Josh Ritter w/ Elephant Revival @ 9:30 Club

Elephant Revival is excited to announce that they are joining Josh Ritter on the road for his Sermon on the Rocks album release tour.

For tickets to the DC show, click here.

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Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival’s five multi-instrumentalists draw on Americana, folk, Celtic and gypsy sounds to craft an entirely original art form. With joyful melodies and expressive lyrics, they convey their shared philosophy that music can unite us all.

After making their triumphant debut at Red Rocks Amphitheatre last summer, Colorado folk band Elephant Revival hired a full film crew to record their sold-out, two-night stand at the venerable Boulder Theater. They’ve turned those homecoming shows into the CD/DVD Sands of Now, released July 24 on United Interests / Itz Evolving.

The 19-song collection, which debuts eight new songs, fully captures the joy-in-motion of a quintet known for their musical depth and kinetic energy on stage. The discs also feature fan favorites, revealing the band’s growth over their nine years together. The DVD finale, “Rogue River,” showcases the excitement of Elephant Revival’s first appearance at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The five souls in Elephant Revival are Bonnie Paine (washboard, djembe, musical saw, stompbox); Bridget Law (fiddle, octave fiddle); Charlie Rose (banjo, pedal steel, guitar, horns, cello, double bass); Dango Rose (double bass, mandolin, banjo); and Daniel Rodriguez (guitar, banjo, double bass).

Check out some recent videos:

“Rogue River” Live at Red Rocks: https://youtu.be/uJfnjiYOjLs
“Echo’s Rose” Live at Boulder Theater: https://youtu.be/sSSJUka2tj8
“Sing to the Mountain” Live at Boulder Theater: https://youtu.be/KCYUDBYpv0g

Josh Ritter

Sermon on the Rocks was recorded in New Orleans, and it’s Josh’s most freewheeling and rollicking record to date. Here’s how Josh himself describes it:

“I wanted to make something grand. I wanted it to swing hard. I wanted my monster to run. I wanted to sing songs that I had written in stretches of frenzy. I wanted to fall in love with every note. I wanted to hold each one and let it slip away like ribbon through the hands. I wanted to make something important to me and to no one else. I wanted it like I’ve never wanted anything in my life. I wanted it because life is short and I wouldn’t want to leave it without giving it all of my love. I wanted to play in a beautiful studio all day and walk home at night through the ghosty wedding cake houses of the Garden District dark. I wanted to play messianic oracular honky-tonk. Mama says that I was born hungry, but I woke up one morning not long ago and found that I was ravenous.”

Over the course of his acclaimed career, Josh Ritter has released seven full-length albums, including The Beast In Its Tracks, So Runs the World Away, and The Animal Years. Of the latter, novelist Stephen King named it his album of the year, calling it “the most exuberant outburst of imagery since Bob Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,’ in 1963.”

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