One Love 4 Kids Appeals for Facebook Votes (FREE) to Secure $25,000 Grant to Expand Tutoring Program for Children

One Love 4 Kids Appeals for Facebook Votes to Secure $25,000 Grant to Expand Tutoring Program for Children




State Farm Neighborhood Assistance Grant remains open for voting until June 3


Germantown, MD  – Educator, child and family advocate, Shernet Dixon-James is appealing for public support via Facebook votes to secure a


$25,000 grant for the One Love 4 Kids organization that assists children with academic, health and economic support.


Dixon-James is a finalist in the State Farm Neighborhood Assistance Grant along with 200 other finalists competing for the $25,000 grant. Securing the grant is contingent upon the number of votes received on the competition’s Facebook page.


The Founder of One Love 4 Kids, Dixon- James needs a minimum of 1000 persons to commit to voting daily on Facebook until June 3, 2015. Following the voting period, the top 40 finalists with the most votes will receive grants. The money will help the One Love 4 Kids organization establish additional tutoring programs in math, science and language literacy.


Supporters can vote on Facebook by clicking



“In my work, I see kids who could benefit from instruction support outside of the classroom, but they cannot access these services because of transportation issues, or they have to support working parents and babysit their siblings. Voting for me on Facebook will help One Love 4 Kids continue its work to take tutoring to the children in their homes, communities, or on the playground. The $25,000 will go towards implementing a math, science and language literacy program for our children,” says Dixon-James.


Shernet Dixon-James holds a Masters’ degree in Education and works as a special educator. She has also been tutoring children in Maryland for the past two years, and is the founder of One Love 4 Kids as well as the Shernet Dixon-James Weekend Tutoring Program. Her work results in significant benefits for children, providing instructional support outside of the classroom – support which would have otherwise been inaccessible.


About the organization


One Love 4 Kids Inc. was founded in 2010 and is a federally charted, charitable organization that supports children in the Maryland DC area and Jamaica. The organization works closely with children, families, schools and community agencies, providing direct and indirect services that aim to remove barriers to education and assist children in achieving academic and life success. Their vision lies in striving to provide support to children especially those who are disabled or in need of medical assistance. Services include tutoring programs, summer literacy and meal programs and annual community holiday gift giving events for children in need.


For additional information, contact: Tel: 240 – 243-3023

Email: info@onelove4kids.org  Website:  www.onelove4kids.org

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