Paint the Music July 20 7PM

Paint the Music at Ebenezers on July 20th Hosted by Dan Fisk  201 F Street NE Washington, DC  202-558-6900


Ebenezers on Capital Hill

This is how it’s done.  At least on Twitter.   Mike Brown sent us a Tweet.  Mike is an artist living in Brambleton, Virginia, Loudoun County.  Mike has studied and teaches art.  So we can’t very well think he’d steer us wrong.  http://www.mpbrownartworks.com/

So we were led to Ebenezers up on the Hill.   Ebenezers has a unique event to match it’s unique history.      Thus the tweet:  Live Art and Live Music.  Thanks Mike!  You helped us find a cool place to party on Friday night!

Ebenezers Is Owned by National Community Church

Ebenezers is a full service coffee house  owned and operated by National Community Church and all profits go towards various  community outreach projects.  Exactly the kind of place that interests Social In DC. http://ebenezerscoffeehouse.com/



From Ebenezers Site:

In 1908, Ernestine Reuter was granted a permit to build a one-level diner at 201 F Street NE. The estimated cost of construction was $2,000. The diner originally served “butter and eggs” to the Union Station travelers before food service was available on the trains.

After nearly twenty-five years of neglect, National Community Church purchased 201 F Street NE on February 7, 2002. The property was successfully rezoned from residential to commercial use in January 2003. Architectural plans were approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board in February 2004. Construction began December 2004 and we opened our doors March 15, 2006.

We are loving this story!  Mike, an artist in Loudoun let’s us in on a coffee house on the Hill that is owned by a community church which supports fair trade, and causes.  But it get’s better.   Queue the Band…errrr the Art…. OK  Queue the Band and Art.

Paint the Music: Artists Paint While Musicians Play!


The Band: http://www.danfisk.com/paintthemusic

This is were it’s get’s fun.  It’s best to describe what happens in their own words:

Live Music and Live Painting as artists create impressions of the music itself!

Each musician is paired with an artist. We will start the night by each musician playing ONE song. The artist they are paired with will start to work on a painting that they feel represents that one song. They will have until the end of the show (10pm) to finish the painting. Once all four musicians are done with the initial song and the artists have started painting, we will continue the night with each musician playing a full set while the crowd gets to enjoy the music, as well as watch the artists work. Paintings can be purchased at the end of the night via a silent auction.

Paint the Music Adam Chamy

Paint the Music Adam Chamy


Mike Brown Paint the Music

Past Paint the Music Artwork by our Tweeter from Loudoun Mike Brown


We thank Mike Brown for his Tweet.  We are sure that we have not done this story all the justice that it is due.  But we do hope you check out some interesting talent, and enjoy your coffee, art and music!!  God Bless ya!

Ebenezers Drink List:

  • coffee
  • espresso drinks
  • non-coffee drinks
    • hot apple cider
    • hot chocolate
    • chai lattes (Big Train)
    • hot tea (Mighty Leaf)
    • Italian sodas and cremosas
  • frozen drinks
    • Ebenezers Freezers (Big Train)
  • assorted bottled drinks
    • sodas
    • mineral water
    • vitamin water
    • orange juice
    • energy drinks

Frequently Asked Questions  About Ebenezers  Like Parking and Tickets



Story By Lon Dunn,  Senior Editor and Publisher Social in DC

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