Ramy Essam – Egyptian Revolution Singer/Songwriter @ Tropicalia 11/21

Friday November 21
Ramy Essam (singer of the Egyptian Revolution)
Backbeat Underground 
Doors 7:30PM

at Tropicalia
2001 14th ST NW
Washington, DC 20009

Ramy inside
Two great DC-based bands with unique takes on funk and jazz. Expect some cross-pollinating at this show as members of each band infiltrate the other’s. Melodic, abstract and funky, Backbeat Underground honors the talent and resiliency of jazz artists who adapted to a changing audience by adding elements of funk and soul to their sound, giving birth to an entirely new genre of music that’s vital and relevant today. Feedel Band are taking Ethiopian music and jazz, and blending it into a simmering stew of musical genre’s, textures and feeling. With special opening set at8PM with Ramy Essam: Ramy Essam is universally acknowledged as “the singer of the Egyptian revolution” and one of the signature voices of his generation across the Arab world. His song “Irhal”, written within 24 hours of arriving in Tahrir Square at the height of the battle between government forces and revolutionaries, became the anthem not just of the Tahrir uprising but of the protests the swept the Arab world in 2011. He is the winner of many awards and accolades, including the prestigious Freemuse Award in 2011 for his artistic accomplishment and commitment to using art to struggle for human rights. He has released 2 albums and numerous songs and videos despite constant harassment, threats and censorship from the Egyptian government, and is presently based in Sweden as part of the “safe city” initiative organized by Scandinavian governments with the help of Freemuse. This is his first visit to North America. His new album, Mamnoua, will be released on January 25, 2015, the 4th anniversary of the outbreak of the Egyptian Revolution. Read more about Ramy Essam in this recent NY Times article.

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