Henry Ossian Flipper
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What West Point Can Teach Hollywood

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes Henry Ossian Flipper was the first African-American West Point graduate—not in 1970, or 1950, or even in 1930, but in the Class of 1877.    Henry was born a slave in Georgia in 1856. After the Civil [...]
Vicki Hinze, Coping with the Unexpected

Coping with the Unexpected

  Coping with the Unexpected By Vicki Hinze The unexpected strikes us all.  Whether you adopt a regimented routine, live by your prioritized To-Do list, or tackle your day by whatever strikes your mood, odds are your plans are or have [...]

Nobody Aspires to Mediocrity

Nobody Aspires to Mediocrity By Vicki Hinze   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said, “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.” When I came upon that quote, it was exactly the inspiration I needed [...]

The Shamrock Crawl

Event Name: The Shamrock Crawl (http://theshamrockcrawl.com) Date: Saturday, March 11th from 2pm-10pm Location: Dupont Circle bars Participating bars: Public Bar, District Anchor, Cafe Citron, Asia DC, Eden, The Bottom Line, Recessions, The [...]
Altered 2017 Feb Kids discovering spy ship

A Grain of Salt — Spy Ships, Officials, and Russian Missiles

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard Big Media, Big Politics, and Big Business all profit financially and politically when they keep the public worked up in fear and/or outrage. They are not our friends. Let’s take some of their power back with [...]

Stories of Obstacles, Survival, and Empowerment

Better Said Than Done Gives Voice to the Challenges of Women FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – - Better Said Than Done is hosting a storytelling show, “Roar: True Tales of Women Warriors” to benefit the National Network to End [...]
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All events take place at: DC Arts Center

THEATER February 20 – 26, 2017 Contact: info@dcartscenter.org    202.462.7833  cell: 202.379.5601  dcartscent er.org All events take place at: DC Arts Center 2438 [...]
Vicki Hinze photo 2015

USA Today Bestseller Vicki Hinze — A Publishing Pioneer

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes     Vicki Hinze can write anything. She has several popular series from romantic suspense to military thrillers to Christian fiction and non-fiction books on the writing craft. [...]
Canstock 2017 Feb Dirty man emerging

Outrage and a Grain of Salt–NSC, Bannon, and The Washington Post

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard The Unholy Threesome of Big Media, Big Politics, and Big Business is never happier than when the public is outraged. Outrage means profits. Outrage means political steam. Outrage means the propaganda of foreign [...]
Vicki Hinze, Great Debates and Moral Dilemmas,

Great Debates and Moral Dilemmas

GREAT DEBATES AND MORAL DILEMMAS   By   Vicki Hinze They’re everywhere and on everything—great debates and moral dilemmas.  I expected to run into a few when I tackled human trafficking in DEADLY TIES, and I did.  But I also ran into [...]