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30 Things I’d Rather Be Called than Pretty

by Jenny Hansen Everyone has that one word that sets them off, for reasons that elude others. For some it’s “nice,” for others it might be “tall.” None of those words are bad, but have you considered what you’d rather be [...]
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The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received

by Jenny Hansen This snippet came in a newsletter from Harvey Mackay and I can’t stop thinking about it. Make like a pencil  and get the lead out… by Harvey Mackay    A young boy asked his mother what he should do in order to [...]
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My Fridge Needs a More Magnetic Personality

by Jenny Hansen I hate the new non-magnetic fridgie fronts! Especially with kids, I think the ability to hang artwork on my refrigerator is my God-given right as a parent. We inherited our fridge from my mother-in-law and, while it has lovely [...]

Coping with Grief During the Holidays

Bayard & Holmes Today we are pleased to welcome Sally Carey. Sally is a veteran Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice of Covenant Care in Westminster, CO. She has served the populations of the Denver area, helping people heal from the loss [...]

Screening “Blood Fruit” – 5/28 @ Busboys and Poets (5th & K)

Please join us for an exciting evening featuring a reception and screening of the compelling and award-winning documentary, Blood Fruit, which chronicles the story of ordinary workers in a Dublin grocery store who refused to handle fruit from [...]

Make a Difference: “Choose This Day”

by Jenny Hansen Not to bring down your May Day, but I read a post by Kathryn Craft over at Writers In The Storm this week and it really got me thinking. I’ll bet it does the same for you. Most people don’t wake up every day, excited [...]

Desire Map Workshop – March 28 & 29

Third Space Wellness – The Desire Map Workshop – Level 1 on March 28 & 29 Knowing how you want to feel can transform the way you work, live, and love. This one day, in-person course held at Third Space Wellness on Saturday [...]

The Mystery of the Migrating Monarchs

By KM Huber In the cold of this last day of November, I remember a not-too-long-ago morning when I was among the monarch butterflies at St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf of Mexico. It seems the initial count of monarch butterflies may [...]

Energy and Dust, a Tale of Similar Trails

By KM Huber Our physical experience is unique to us—each of us has our own vibration—sometimes we’re a wave and other times, we’re a particle. If we can be both, then some form of simultaneous existence seems not only possible but probable. [...]

Forgiveness is Letting Go of Your Own Voice

By KM Huber When we forgive completely, we eliminate any and all lingering hurt. Sometimes, that requires more than one alarm to sound—and even more than one night—as I recently discovered. When the fire alarm went off, feline EmmaRose and [...]