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WASHINGTON – For parents who have lost a child, there is nothing
that can take away the pain. But over the last few weeks, many individuals and
couples across the country received a little distraction to help them start on the
road to healing.

Through the Heart’s Comfort Kit program delivers pregnancy loss information and
relief – and sometimes tears and smiles – to mailboxes nationwide. The organization
mailed 63 Comfort Kits in March, a new all-time high for number distributed in a
single month. The previous record was 55 kits sent in May 2014.

Each kit includes personal care items such as fuzzy socks, lotion and tissues, sweet
and salty snacks, a Redbox movie code, information from the organization, and a
handwritten note from President Dr. Karen Kelly. Most importantly, it lets the
recipient know they have a supportive, welcoming community to turn to.

Dawn Scott of Bossier City, La., was among the recipients of the Comfort Kits mailed
in March. “It warmed my heart with the sweet message and support of the loss I have been
going through,” Scott said. “It means a lot to me to know I’m not alone.”

The organization began seeing an increase in kit requests starting in late February
thanks to a grant from Google AdWords that brought increased online visibility. The
volume of requests has remained high, averaging approximately 25 per week, far
outpacing what Through the Heart can handle.

Donors stepped up to allow those 63 kits to be sent but depletion of funding is a
serious threat to this much-needed program. Currently, those requesting a Comfort
Kit are seeing a 4-5 week wait time which may extend longer if additional donations
do not come in. Each kit costs approximately $10 for materials and 2-3 day
shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

“In a perfect world, we would be able to fulfill each and every request within days,
thereby ensuring that the recipients receive it when they need it most – right now,”
said Dr. Kelly. “However, the reality is that we are a young and extremely small
organization and we only have the resources to send kits when donations become
available for use.”

Through the Heart has distributed a total of 186 Comfort Kits since the program
began in Nov. 2013 and currently has 28 unfulfilled kit requests, a number that
continues to grow daily. The organization is looking for individuals or businesses
that are willing to provide monetary or product donations to help keep the program
running and ensure that all grieving parents are given a small piece of comfort
during an extremely difficult time.

About Through the Heart:

Through the Heart is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in
Washington, DC, that focuses on educating about all types of pregnancy loss.
Through the Heart provides support through numerous programs including its
popular Comfort Kit program which has reached grieving parents in 35 states in just
over a year. It is hoped that through this organization, pregnancy loss can become a
topic that is more openly discussed, acknowledged, and understood. For more
information, please visit www.throughtheheart.org.

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