Water: Support DC’s own version of Love Jones


“Water” – This Generation’s “Love Jones”, With a Twist!

Support DC artists as they tell a DC love story! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/water-a-dc-love-story

“Water” is a multidimensional story of self-discovery that illustrates the complexity of art, love, and sexuality.

It follows the journey of Tonya Mimms, a successful, DC-based, multi-media artist who feels firmly footed in her rise to fame until her ascent is challenged in the most unexpected ways.

While meandering through the throes of a love triangle, with a charismatic man and a stunningly beautiful woman, Tonya takes on an assignment that pushes her completely out of her element. Now, in the midst of total chaos, Tonya is forced to come to terms with herself, as an artist and a woman. Based on the novel Water In A Broken Glass by Odessa Rose. (Available on Amazon)

Follow at @WaterTheFilm and www.waterthefilm.com

 Love is fluid… dive in!

“Water” a DC Love Story, Contribute Today! from Lodge Street Films on Vimeo.


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