Vicki Hinze, What Offends Us Today

What Offends Us Today

  What Offends Us Today By Vicki Hinze     The world has changed.  People… not so much.  We all laugh and cry, are happy and sad.  We all get angry and other people hurt our feelings.  Sometimes they mean to, sometimes [...]
Penny thoughts, Vicki Hinze, Battles worth fighting

Penny Thought: Battles Worth Fighting

    We don’t have to fight every battle that crosses our path.  We don’t have to react to every statement made, every comment, or everything thrown at us. Where and on what we lavish our attention, share our thoughts, [...]
Vicki Hinze, Tale of Two Men, Online Behavior

Tale of Two Men

  A Tale of Two Men Studying Online Behavior by Vicki Hinze   In the past year, I’ve watched a tale of two men unfold on social media. Actually, it is still unfolding. I won’t get specific because it’s political, and politics [...]
Penny Thoughts, Vicki Hinze

Penny Thought: Civility

Vicki Hinze, Fog of War, Las Vegas Massacre

Fog of War

  Fog of War: Las Vegas By Vicki Hinze   Like most, I’ve never been in a war zone. I have had loved ones—at times, two members of my immediate family—in a war zone. The things the mind does to you during that time is merciless. [...]

The Las Vegas Massacre

Last night, 59 people died and over 515 were injured in a terrorist attack in Las Vegas. Hospitals are overwhelmed, first responders are overwhelmed and people there and distant observers are overwhelmed.   Bodies are still being removed, [...]
Stealing Joy, Vicki Hinze

Stealing Joy

STEALING JOY by Vicki Hinze     Listen to the Audio We all have our soft underbelly; the one we avoid confrontation with whenever possible.  We’ve been there before, and we know how much it hurts. Whether we call it someone stabbing [...]

The Beauty of Broken

  The Beauty of Broken By Mary Alford   Have you ever felt so broken that you didn’t see any way of coming back from it? Brokenness can come either from the circumstances forced on us or the self-infliction caused by us, and I think [...]

Penny Thoughts: Battles Worth Fighting

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  WHY THE EMMYS RATINGS TANKED  By  Vicki Hinze    At one time, Americans held their breaths to see who would win the awards. It was topic discussed all over the place. You could be at the water-cooler, lunching at a restaurant, or out [...]