Gabbaga® is how you interact with everyone else!

Facebook is how you interact with everyone you know.

Twitter is how you interact with everyone you wish you knew.

Gabbaga® is how you interact with everyone else!


Gabbaga® is a free new innovative Mobile Application that provides location-based connections between users within a 500 mile radius while steadfastly safeguarding user privacy.
With Gabbaga®, iPhone users simply check-in and select a radius, anywhere from one-quarter of a mile to 500 miles. The user is then assigned a random ID to anonymously post their messages or respond to other messages posted by users within the selected radius. Once the user signs out, their posts and replies are deleted from the server. Additionally, the assigned random ID number is recycled.
The location-based app, which is free to download and works off of Wi-Fi or any 3G or 4G network, allows hyper-links so users can promote and advertise themselves however they want. A restaurant owner, for example, could turn a slow evening into a packed house by linking to specials for any possible patrons in their radius. Similarly, a homeowner could use Gabbaga to find a friendly neighbor to shovel their driveway. A musician can promote himself or herself virtually at a concert arena to every user within the pre-selected distance. The power of this technology is endless.
“In my line of work I’m always thinking about security and how to keep my information private,” said Dan Williams, founder of Gabbaga® by night, and an active U.S. Marine during the day. “My thought was to create an application that would allow me to interact with everyone around me without sharing any personal information that I don’t have to. “Once this application has a larger user base, people will really be able to share, learn, promote, and discuss everything about their surroundings in a way that has never been done before.”
Version 1 of Gabbaga® is available now for all to download and use on iPhone. Version 2 is in the works and will be released soon with an iPhone/iPod version, and iPad optimized version, and an Android version. Version 2 will allow users to post photos and will have some never seen before mobile interaction features that will be sure to change the way we interact with everyone!
Check it out now for free and visit www.gabbaga.com for more information!


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