Cluster Rocks Gala and Auction!


In the Cluster, we know that by working together, we can make a big impact on our children’s education and their school environment.

There are many ways so support the first annual Cluster Rocks Gala and Auction…planned to be one of the biggest fundraisers for the Cluster this year. See what the PTA dollars are used for >>

ATTEND – Buy Tickets

Put Friday March 15th, 7 pm on your calendar, and buy your tickets now. Tickets are at their lowest price until February 15 so get them now! >>


Need help thinking up ideas for donating…scroll down to the Donation Ideas Section
Download the Auction Donation Agreement (pdf) to submit your auction donation.

Auction donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. The deadline to turn in the Auction Donation Agreement is March 1st; however, it would really help our awesome parent volunteers if you turn in your donation agreement form as soon as you can (I’m sure you can imagine how tough it would be to coordinate all of the auction items in just a 2 week period).


We need volunteers to help secure donations from local area businesses (right now), but there are many other opportunities to get involved. Check out our Volunteer Spot to see how you can help, and sign up today>>

We make it easy for you to ask potential donors to contribute! Download the Potential Donor letter here>>

Donation Ideas

Not sure what to donate? Successful school auctions usually receive
•    donated sports tickets
•    restaurant gift certificates
•    DC experiences (museums, nights on the town packages, etc.)
•    get away packages,
•    cultural events,
•    services (photography sessions,  catering, etc.),
•    artwork,
•    electronics (ipads, laptops, etc.)
•    baked goods (maybe your hobby is making spectacular birthday cakes, or you have a repertoire of soups , breads or other food items that you would be willing to make for someone for  a set time period)

If you can’t think of an item to donate  than maybe you’ll consider hosting a Cluster Hosts Community Socials Event (CHCS Event).  What is a CHCS Event?  A fun event you would like to host for other members of the Cluster community!  A themed dinner party, a mardi gras party, a sushi making class, a Belgian Beer tasting, a progressive dinner party with some of your neighbors, a chocolate and champagne soiree – whatever you would like to host.  If you would like to host a CHCS Event, please provide a brief description on the Auction Donation Agreement under the ITEM/SERVICE DONATION heading of the type of event you would like to host and someone will follow up with you to discuss pricing and parameters to be set for the event .

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Amy Bryan  at wrightandamy@gmail.com or Shayna Rudick at shaynarudick@gmail.com.


Amy Bryan             Shayna Rudick

Auction Chair       PTA Fundraising Co-chair

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